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5 real game changing facts revealed about Microsoft 365

Before we get started in delivering these game changing facts to you, were you aware that Advantage is a Microsoft Gold partner who specialise in all things Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as Microsoft 365 all under one roof? 

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 5 real game changing facts about Microsoft 365. 

1 - Microsoft PowerPoint 

Did you know that PowerPoint was originally released under the name ‘Presenter’ by Forethought Inc before Microsoft acquired them for $14million. 

2 – Clipit 

Do any of our readers remember Clipit? If you don’t remember, Clipit was brought to the market through Office 97 back in 1996 as an infamous office assistant but didn't take off so was removed! However, believe it or not, it was rereleased as Microsoft Teams just 8 years later! 

3 – Microsoft Office 

Did you know that Microsoft Office’s very first package included: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Mail? Also, did you realise that its release debut wasn’t actually on Windows? It actually was released on the Apple Mac back in August 1989. After this it was eventually released on Windows in October 1990 which included all the above minus Mail. It wasn’t until Microsoft Office 3.0 for Windows where Mail was included as part of the standard package which we all now know and love as Microsoft Outlook. 

4 – Microsoft Excel 

Were you aware that Microsoft Excel was the first ever Microsoft Office app to be launched? When originally released it was known as ‘Multiplan’ and again like PowerPoint it was first released on Apple Mac and not on Windows. Its name didn’t change to Excel until 1985 then in 1987 it was released on Windows. There are no doubts that Microsoft has to be grateful for Excel in helping to shape itself as the premier PC software developer. 

5 – Microsoft Cloud 

If you didn’t know, Microsoft Cloud was first brought into Office back in 2003. However, Microsoft did bring Cloud-based collaboration to the fold back in 2001 through its SharePoint Portal Server before it became part of Office. 

Next Steps? 

It’s great when you look back at how Microsoft products were brought to the market and find out things you didn't know about. Here at Advantage, we have 20+ years of experience in working with Microsoft 365 migrations as well as being able to both support and implement Microsoft’s cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, we can also access exclusive discounts on Microsoft 365 licenses that you can’t get from Microsoft directly. Have a requirement? Why not get in touch with our Microsoft 365 experts today? 

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