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Latest Microsoft 365 tools to transform the way we work together

With many small and medium sized businesses needing to be able to collaborate on projects, it's safe to say that employees within these businesses will need access to the best collaboration tools available to be able to work in real time.

Fortunately for us Microsoft is on the ball with theirs, recently released, new and improved collaboration tools for Microsoft 365, aimed at transforming the way we work together.

An 'intelligent live event' capability

One such tool that Microsoft announced was an 'intelligent live event' capability which looks like an upgraded version of Facebook Live. With this tool, you can setup videos in any style that you want, depending on what you are looking to achieve, from laptop webcams to studio style setups.

With this setup, you can choose for these videos to be live or on demand. Better still, with Artificial Intelligence incorporated into this capability you can provide users with the ability to manually search for specific speakers or find transcripts.

In addition to the above, you will also be able to see a public preview of these live events in Microsoft 365, which will also become available in the paid version of Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Microsoft Stream shortly.

MyAnalytics tool to transform the way we work

Another tool announced by Microsoft is 'MyAnalytics' aka the 'personal fitness tracker for work' which looks to evaluate the time and conversations that users have with each other. As well as this, Microsoft will be adding a new 'nudges' feature within Microsoft Outlook which will make use of MyAnalytics to highlight if users send emails after hours or if they have got too much work in their calendars.

After the nudges have highlighted any issues, it will make suggestions on how to improve productivity such as setting aside 'focus' time between gaps in the calendar, to help with time management, as well as highlighting the perfect times for meetings to take place based on this data.

Game changing Whiteboard collaboration app already available in Windows 10

Even though this app was announced last year, allowing users to use desktop screens as digital whiteboards for note writing and annotations in real time in Windows 10, Microsoft is looking to take this one step further by making it readily available as an iOS app in addition to developing web and Android versions.

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