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Microsoft announces Microsoft 365 promotions for January 2022

Microsoft has recently revealed plans to offer promotions for Microsoft 365 to help encourage users to make the move from legacy to new commerce experience in a sweeping move. 

For those that don’t know, what is Microsoft’s new commerce experience? 

Microsoft is designing the new commerce experience to simplify and streamline how customers buy from Microsoft and to offer users more options for tailoring these purchases to their business needs and goals. 

Why should I agree to have my subscriptions moved to the new commerce experience? 

The new commerce experience will soon be the platform on which all CSP products and services are provisioned so it is worthwhile making the move now. The addition of M365, D365, Power Platform, and Windows 365 to new commerce that started from October 2021 will mean that all CSP products can be sold through that new platform. 

What is the promotion that Microsoft is offering from January? 

To help increase the adoption of the new commerce experience, Microsoft will be offering two time-bound promotions that will be starting from January 2022: 

  • The annual term promo gives users a 5% discount off the CSP price list amount. 
  • The monthly term promo gives users a 20% discount which is the regular annual term price 

The monthly term promotion pricing will come into force from June 2022. The annual term promotion pricing will come into force from March 2022. However, it is important to note that Microsoft has the option to potentially extend the annual term promotional pricing up to and including June 2022. 

NB: These promotions will apply to all new commerce commercial offers except for Windows 365 and to subscriptions of up to 2,400 seats. 

Next Steps? 

If your business would like to take advantage of the above Microsoft 365 offers or would like to discuss all the Microsoft 365 options that are available to your business then please give our team of leading IT experts a call to discuss this further. 

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