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Microsoft to launch two new Microsoft 365 Bundles

Microsoft has recently announced that it will be launching two brand new security bundles next month which will form part of its Microsoft 365 subscription service.

The first package which has been announced as the ‘Identity and Threat Management Protection package’ will help to improve security across Windows 10 and enterprise mobility and will also include Microsoft Threat Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Defender ATP and Office 365 ATP.

The second package announced will be around ‘Information Protection and Compliance’. This package will come to include Azure Information Protection and Office 365 Advanced Compliance which are designed to enable ongoing risk assessments to be performed on a regular basis.

The first package will be priced at $12 (£9.53) per user per month, with the second package available for $10 per user per month. In Microsoft’s announcement about the packages, it doesn’t state whether or not these packages will be available to UK users as of yet.

The reasons behind Microsoft launching these packages is to target businesses that aren’t currently using the top-of-the-range Microsoft 365 E5 bundle which already includes the capabilities. Microsoft 365 is currently available in three different license forms.

In explaining this decision, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Ron Markezich stated that “A big driver of customer adoption of Microsoft 365 is the need for security and compliance solutions in an age of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats, as well as complex information protection needs due to regulations such as GDPR.

'As we speak to customers about the future of work, we know security and compliance are some of the highest organisational priorities and we hope these new offerings will help them achieve their security and compliance goals.'

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