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Bring the power of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security together with one intelligent solution. Meet Microsoft 365.

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What is Microsoft 365?

How do you work? How do I work? Are we different or do we go about things in the same way? With Microsoft 365 it doesn't matter - wherever you go, however you work, 365 is there for you following your lead and making sure you're operating securely and confidently. 

Give your business the flexibility modern workers need in order to create and innovate. With Microsoft 365 your employees can interact, on whatever device they want, from whatever location they're at in a secure and collaborative manner. 

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Microsoft 365 Plans

Microsoft 365 Business  Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3 or E5) 


- Helps companies achieve more together by connecting employees, customers and suppliers.

- Empowers employees to get work done from anywhere, on any device.

- Protects company data across devices with always-on security.

- Simplifies the set-up and management of employee devices and services with a single IT console.


- Unlocks creativity by enabling people to work naturally with ink, voice and touch, all backed by tools that utilise AI and machine learning.

- Provides the broadest and deepest set of apps and services with a universal toolkit for teamwork, giving people flexibility and choice in how they connect, share and communicate.

- Simplifies IT by unifying management across users, devices, apps and services.

- Helps safeguard customer data, company data and intellectual property with built-in, intelligent security.

Designed for small to medium sized businesses Designed for large organisations
300 users  
Starting from £20 per user per month Price dependent on requirements


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How we help

We start by conducting a comprehensive review of your business and its current processes. Our team of Microsoft 365 experts listen to your issues and help identify the root cause. We formulate a plan, in collaboration with your team, and work to implement and install whatever system you need in order to get the results you want.  

Ombre stripe in Advantage Branded Colours

Be productive without having to compromise on security

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