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What is the true value of combining Microsoft 365 with Dynamics 365?

Going a few years back to 2016, Microsoft was delighted to reveal that there were over 1.2 billion Office 365 users worldwide. Fast forward to the present, Office 365 has been recently renamed Microsoft 365 and the overall number of users has certainly accelerated since then. To highlight what this means in the form of a figure, this means that over 1 in 6 people across the globe are using a Microsoft product which is insane! 

Why does this matter, I hear you ask? Well, in the modern-day environment, no matter whether it is for business or personal use, having convenience is vital. With digital changing the way that we work, and even more so because of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies may find themselves in a position where they have several different systems in separate places. To give you an example, your business might be using Google’s version of Office, using Azure as your hosting product and Salesforce for all your CRM functions.  

This is where your business can hit the buffers by using different systems as regardless of the number of integrations that you have, these systems have all been designed by different providers using different infrastructures.  

This is where Microsoft can ride in on its white horse to help save the day. It doesn’t come as a surprise but the Microsoft Cloud that consists of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Dynamics 365, LinkedIn, the Microsoft Power Platform & Microsoft Azure is a much more rounded solution than any of its rivals. Furthermore, by providing a comprehensive digital solution, Microsoft stands out from the competition by providing consumers/businesses with flexibility across the digital arena. 

Now that we know about how the Microsoft Cloud can help your business, let’s look at how true value can be achieved for the users: 

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Outlook 

We discussed a little while ago in a blog post, how the two can be integrated together to make it easier for users to keep track of conversations and threats to relevant entities in Microsoft Dynamics.  No matter whether you are wanting to a log a conversation with a new prospect, log a customer support case or internal conversations around a specific customer, these can all be tracked automatically against any entity to enable you to have a well-rounded visibility of each client. 

As well as this, if you didn’t know already, you are able to draft Dynamics records direct in Outlook which dramatically reduces your admin time. 

Also, did you know that you can build new activities in Dynamics via Outlook? You can arrange phone calls with a specific contact or lead or add a new task. 

Dynamics 365 and SharePoint 

For many businesses, the use of document management is vital, yet being able to access digital content has become increasingly problematic. Luckily, this problem is solved as Microsoft Dynamics seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint with a helping hand from Microsoft Dataverse. Furthermore, you can search for all the data and files within SharePoint inside Dynamics and all those documents associated with different entities. 

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams 

This is one of my favourite parts! As many of us already know, the demand for Microsoft Teams rapidly accelerated because of the COVID-19 pandemic and most businesses are looking to continue to reap the benefits of continuing to make use of its collaborative features. Better still, Microsoft also revealed in the latest Wave update that they would add even more features to Microsoft Business Voice, Teams as well as Dynamics 365.  

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to learn more about the true value you could gain from using Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 or a combination of both to help drive your future success then please get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss your specific requirements

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