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What is our Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation package?

Our Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation package provides you with fast and affordable access to a basic Dynamics 365 CRM, a basic Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP, integration between the two, a Professional Service Automation software that allows your business to manage and optimise your end-to-end business from funnel to cash as well as Office 365 licensing for up to 5 users. This Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation package is available from £6 per user per month and can be implemented for just £17,000.


Perfect for those businesses launching for the first time or those small businesses looking to upscale quickly. Our goal is to give you a head start that will afford you more time to focus on other aspects that need your attention.


Who can sign up for our Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation package?

No matter what size your business is, you too can make use of appriopriate technology to enpower you to grow your business in the form of customers and revenue.

Advantage's Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation is a perfect fit solution for you as it covers all the essential technology needed to start your business and is suitable for the following stakeholders:

  • MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Sized Businesses)
  • Business savvy entrepreneurs
  • You have just launched your own startup
  • A local business owner

How much does our Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation package cost & what is included?

Our Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation Package is available from £6 per user per month and can be implemented for just £17,000*.This package will include the following activities:

The Office 365 element will include the following activities: 

  • Setting up the new Office 365 tenant for 1 domain for up to 5 users (doesn’t include any migrations or PC setups) 

The Quick Start Dynamics 365 CRM element will include the following activities: 

  • Authorise Cloud Solution Provider for your business’s Microsoft Cloud Account.
  • Setup sandbox and production environments.
  • Refine your requirements based on answers given in provided questionnaire.
  • Data Import Review: We will provide your business with Excel Templates for Lead, Contact, Account & Opportunity entities for your business to complete.
  • Basic customisation of Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunity entities (maximum of 50 custom fields across all entities).
  • Creation of up to two custom entities if required (maximum of 50 custom fields across all entities).
  • Basic customisation/creation of custom views (maximum of 5 views).
  • Creation of up to two sales dashboards if required.
  • Handover of solution for UAT testing.
  • One round of amendments from UAT testing (within the Quick Start framework).
  • Deliver a basic CRM training session to help your team to get the maximum benefit from Dynamics 365.

The Quick Start Dynamics Business Central ERP element will include the following activities: 

1) Financial Management

Single Company Setup based on Advantage “Best Practice” Template

General Ledger

  • Custom Chart of accounts (Rapid Start Templates supplied with instructions)
  • G/L Account Categories, Subcategories & Extended texts + 1 additional G/L Reporting Currency
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Account Schedule reporting
  • Dimension Analysis (profit and cost centres) & Budgeting
  • Workflows for business processes such as approvals
  • Cashflow Management & Forecasting + Recurring and Reversing Journals such as General, Cash receipts and payments.

Cash Management

  • Bank Accounts, Bank Account Reconciliations & Bank Integration – Cash Receipt & Statement Import / Payment Export
  • Payment Reconciliations, Registrations & Multi-Currency for Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and automated Exchange Rate updates
  • Currency Revaluation for Bank and Open Sales/Purchase Entries (GL Revaluation available as additional ABS Module)


  • Standard VAT Reporting, VAT Returns and HMRC Integration (MTD)
2) Sales Management
  • Sales Invoicing, Proformas, Prepayments & Approvals (Quote/Order/Return Order/Invoice/Credit)
  • Payment Terms with calculated Discounts & Receivables Management
3) Purchasing Management
  • Purchase Invoicing & Approvals (Quote/Order/Return order/Invoice/Credit)
  • Payables Management

The Professional Service Automation element will include the following activities: 

  • Based on PSA Advanced
  • Model Industry Implementation
  • Best Practice Industry Template
  • Fixed Scope
  • Fix outcome
  • 40 hours to implement
  • Unit4 PSA Support

Please Note: Our Business Starter Kit with Professional Service Automation package may not be right for all businesses. If you are looking to purchase a Quick Start Dynamics 365/CRM package or a Quick Start Dynamics 365 Business Central package or Office 365 separately then please get in touch with our team today by calling the below number or filling out our contact form.

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