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Reduce the time & stress of submitting expenses

How long does it take for you or your colleagues to submit expenses each month?

The number of expenses incurred in recent months may have reduced, but painful memories of storing paper receipts, cross referencing these and spending hours filling out expense reports remain clear.

Expenses are a common source of employee frustration and stress, due to the time taken to complete and submit expense reports, the tedious nature of the task and slow reimbursement from employers.

Our partner, Equisys, has created Zetadocs Expenses: a digital expense management system designed specifically for Dynamics 365 Business Central, which makes life easier for everyone involved in the process.

Details of expenses and photographs of receipts can be captured as they occur using the Zetadocs Expenses app. These are easily added to an expense report and submitted digitally to approving managers. This drastically reduces the time and stress involved and can help you get reimbursed quicker.

Watch how easy it is to capture and submit an expense in the below video.

If you have watched the above video and are interested in getting Zetadocs Expenses installed in your ERP solution then please get in touch with our team of experts today.