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Approve your employee expenses anytime, anywhere

A paper-based approach to expense management can lead to a lengthy and complicated approval process.

Being faced with a pile of receipts and expense forms every month isn’t any managers’ idea of a fun or productive use of time – even more so when there are multiple employees’ expense reports that need to be checked!

But it is an important task – your employees want to be reimbursed promptly for their expenses.

Zetadocs Expenses, from our partner Equisys, makes the approval process simple and fast. It’s all done on their mobile app, meaning managers can approve expenses anytime, anywhere – even while on the go.

Details of expenses and images of receipts are submitted via the app, managers receive notification of a pending report and can approve or reject individual expenses or the whole report.

Watch the below video to see how easy it is:

If you have watched the above video and are keen to purchase Zetadocs Expenses for your business then please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.