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Why you should be excited about Microsoft Dynamics NAV OCR

Dynamics NAV OCR is a new feature within Microsoft Dynamics NAV that has got all of us at Advantage, worked up into a frenzy! It’s an innovative technology that can save you time and money, and help improve the overall quality of your data. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Interested? Well, read on!

What are the Benefits?

Tonnes actually!

  • You’ll avoid wasting significant time manually entering data into Dynamics NAV – which will free up swathes of resources that can be used elsewhere.
  • It’s actually quicker to scan something into Dynamics NAV using OCR than manually entering the data.
  • OCR is a machine and never gets tired or distracted. The accuracy of the data you enter will improve.
  • If you’re fed up having invoices in different systems, OCR will help you centralise all of it!
  • You’ll enjoy a rapid ROI. The money and time you would have spent manually entering the data will eventually outweigh the contribution OCR makes to your business.
  • It’s for free – You can process up to 75 invoices per month without any charge.
  • Zero obligation – For more than 75, you can pay the cost per extra invoice or sign up for the Subscription service.

OK, I’m sold – tell me a bit about OCR!

Optical Character recognition (OCR), is a technology that scans and reads handwriting, checkboxes, machine print and commits it to a system electronically – in seconds!

By using a scanner, OCR will convert your document into a digital image. OCR will then identify salient fields (such as name, company name, document number, etc) and process this information using intelligent algorithms, to commit to your NAV database.

So, how well does OCR work in Dynamics NAV?

Quite well, actually, as Microsoft and Lexmark have collaborated to provide a seamless experience.

  • First, you’ll need to register with Lexmark.
  • Link your chosen document within Dynamics NAV (for example, a purchase invoice PDF can be linked as a registered invoice).
  • It can then be sent to Lexmark’s OCR service, and then imported back into NAV – automatically populating NAV with the relevant fields required (in our example the Purchase Order Invoice details such as header and purchase order lines).
  • A copy of the document you submitted to OCR will be retained, so you can validate the accuracy of the data gleaned from OCR.

Our short video will help to explain the intricacies of OCR. If you want more information about OCR and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, why not give us a call on +44 (0)203 004 4600? Or check out our website.

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