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Why should your business turn to Microsoft for a CRM solution this year?

Are you fed up of working off multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and using disjointed processes in your business? Or have you outgrown a basic CRM that now hinders your business rather than helping it? 

Having disjointed processes can cause all kinds of problems in your business meaning that you are having to work twice as hard to get the same results. If your information is stuck in one place, your colleagues won't be able to get to the data and the same information may need to be used across several different documents and applications. 

Outgrowing your existing CRM can often lead to much more time being wasted on completing tasks that are highly labour and time intensive. Furthermore, this can also have a significant impact on the overall service and productivity of your business. Granted, it may have resolved an issue or a requirement when it was first implemented initially, however as time has gone on its lacking the scalability and flexibility needed to help your business grow. 

Why go to Microsoft for a CRM system? 

You will find that going to Microsoft for their premier CRM solution, Dynamics 365 will provide your business with a fully scalable, flexible and well-supported CRM system that can continue to support your business for many years. 

Keep your critical data secure 

Continuing to have all your data stored across multiple Excel spreadsheets is hardly the safest way to keep your data secure. This problem is easily resolved through the use of a combination of both Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform that enables you to bring together all the data in one, highly secure location which enables your data to be kept secure at all times as well satisfying the requirements around data protection and GDPR. 

Added to which, Microsoft invests over a billion dollars each year on R & D to help ensure that all their products are fully secure and can be moulded around your specific business requirements. The great thing about Dynamics 365 is the fact that you can enforce user access and rights through role, record and field-based security controls whilst at the same time knowing that all your data is secure in Microsoft’s data centres. 

Gain greater insights from your customers 

Become able to deliver a better overall service to your customers through the use of workflows and automations that can satisfy customers as well as making it much simpler for users to collate the best data which leads to better decisions being made. With all your data being contained in one location will provide users with great insights into your customer behaviour, enable you to personalise marketing campaigns as well as providing your business with the capability to build better relationships with your customer base.  

Transform the way you work through automation 

With Microsoft very much at the forefront of technology, Dynamics 365 has the capability to be moulded to bring together processes and replace any manual inputs with automation which are consistent with that of the rules set within the business. In the long term, this will improve the overall efficiency of your business with your employees as they will be spending more time on tasks that add value rather than tasks that don’t. 

Outline all the triggers that will be at the beginning of an automation sequence to make sure that timely and critical action can be taken in a whole host of different business situations. No matter whether it is qualifying a lead, a download from your website, support tickets being raised, there are so many ways that Dynamics 365 can transform the way that you work. 

Pricing Flexibility 

The great thing about Microsoft licensing is the fact that you are only paying for exactly what you need. This also comes to include the options around a combination of different user licenses across different subscription terms. 

Cherry pick the CRM modules you need, then decide on which users need what level of access. For those that need a more lighter user license, a simple Team Member license will satisfy this requirement which can keep costs lower. 

Improve your overall reporting 

No matter whether you are looking to monitor sales, how customers rate your business, marketing campaigns or lead conversions, Dynamics 365 and Power BI used together can help you to create a data driven approach that can lead to better performance. 

By having all your data controlled in one place makes it easier for you to make decisions based on real time data & use visuals to reveal valuable insights. This saves you so much time in the long run as you are not having to collate data from multiple sources to build your reports, thus allowing you to make critical decisions at the right time with highly accurate data. 

Taking this one step further, you can build your own dashboards within Dynamics 365 to track your most important KPIs. Power BI takes this to the next level by helping you to build dashboards that allow you to monitor trends as well as give you that added detail that you can follow up on. 

Seamlessly integrate all your business apps in one place 

If you didn’t know already, Microsoft’s very own Power Platform plays host to a number of business applications that come to include Dynamics 365 as well as Office 365. Given that all these apps are in one place, your data is stored in an easy-to-read format and easily usable across multiple apps.  

From within the Microsoft Power Platform as well as having the capabilities to use Power BI visuals, you have also full access to Microsoft Power Automate which enables you to build workflow automations and Power Apps to develop connected apps that are able to meet and address a number of key business challenges. 

Furthermore, you are also able to be integrated with other third-party applications that can help increase the power of your overall CRM system such as Jet Reports, eOne Solutions and much, much more. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is still working off multiple Excel Spreadsheets or simply outgrown your existing CRM system then now might be the time to kickstart your 2022 by making the move to Dynamics 365 through one of our CRM quick start packages or get in touch with one of our Microsoft CRM experts today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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