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What's to come from the new Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App?

As you may already know earlier in 2020, Microsoft developed and released a brand-new mobile app for Dynamics 365 Field Service and revealed its intention to archive the older Field Service mobile app. 

The best thing about this new application is the fact that Microsoft has developed this and built it on the Microsoft Power Platform rather than the older version that was built with another technology provider. 

This means that there will no longer be any new & improved features developed for the legacy application with Microsoft going on to say that this app will be archived by June 2022. Microsoft also stated that from June 2021, all new deployments of Dynamics 365 for Field Service will make use of the mobile application.  

Better still, the current licensing for Dynamics 365 Field Service will enable your business to access both mobile applications. You will be able to download the new application from mobile app stores and is tested on versions higher than Dynamics 365 v8.8.22.x. Furthermore, this app works across a variety of mobile devices and tablets on versions higher than iOS 13+ and Android 8+. 

Given the application is built on the Microsoft Power Platform, the new app makes use of the Unified Interface to provide a consistent experience on both mobile and web with the ability to integrate with Power Apps and other Dynamics 365 applications. 

Furthermore with the new Dynamics 365 for Field Service app in place you will be able to take advantage of the some of the following new features: 

  • Remote Assist 

  • Offline support with advanced data filters and automatic data refresh 

  • Barcode, UPC and QR code scanning using mobile camera to scan assets and populate barcode fields 

  • Redesigned booking form, combining detail from work order and booking records 

  • Technician tracking by GPS 

  • Connected Field Service 

  • Guided inspections 

Next Steps? 

If your business is using the legacy Dynamics 365 for Field Service mobile application and are looking to make the transition over to the new application then please get in touch with our team of Dynamics 365 experts today

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