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What’s to come in the latest Dynamics 365 for Marketing update in October?

In our previous blog post, we covered the new and improved features coming in the next Dynamics 365 major update for Dynamics 365 for Sales. In this blog post, we will explore all the new and improved capabilities coming to the Dynamics 365 for Marketing app in October.

NB: It is important to note that the below points are subject to change.

Account Based Marketing

Microsoft have revealed that through account based marketing, b2b marketers will be able to target and track engagements with individual business accounts.

This will help to improve your efficiency, as you will be able to identify specific contacts within organisations which will help to make sure that you are able to contact the right people every time.

From this, you will be to target these individuals in these accounts with personalised emails and other compelling content which takes into account the requirements of the account. This will help to generate leads on an account level basis which can then be nurtured then passed through to the sales team.

Your marketing and sales teams will also be able to review the campaign performance at an account level where you can review the marketing interactions and identify accounts with high engagement, as well as being able to delve into individual accounts further for additional information.

Reusable Content Blocks

The reusable content blocks capability will make it easier to define and save reusable blocks of content for future campaigns, emails or landing pages. Examples of this could be either a beautiful header or a compelling footer you’ve created that you want to save as a reusable block that you can use again in another campaign.

The great thing about this capability is that you can lock down these reusable blocks to ensure that no one else can edit them, ensuring that everyone using them is complying with your brand guidelines.

After these blocks have been created you can simply drag and drop them into new content or marketing collateral.

Social Listening for Campaigns

Embedded social listening for campaigns will add a new dashboard for reporting social insights as well as a dedicated social tab allowing you to track every customer journey and event.

The social tab can be used to track a collection of specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to a specific customer journey or event. From this, you will then be able to monitor social media posts for mentions of those keywords or phrases.

Better still, all the data collected from major social networks will be populated in several widgets on the social tab with relevant analytics, which will allow you to analyse sentiment and identify potential influencers.

Marketing Calendar for Planning

As part of this update, the new marketing calendar control will allow marketers to view time specific marketing activities visually which will show both the start and end dates.

Furthermore, it will also provide a snapshot overview of various elements contained within events and other campaigns.

The marketing calendar also provides a mobile friendly responsive control making it easier for users to view, and in some instances create, items on the calendar without leaving the page.

More In-depth LinkedIn Integration

Currently, Dynamics 365 for Marketing integrates with LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms, however the update in October will take this one step further by:

  • Integrating Dynamics 365 for Marketing segments together with LinkedIn-matched audiences.
  • Enabling journey triggers that reflect LinkedIn Lead Generation Form submissions.
  • Generating leads in Dynamics 365 for Marketing at account level that come from LinkedIn form submissions.
  • Using Lead Generation Form post interactions within a lead scoring model.
  • Measuring the success of LinkedIn targeting using the engagement stats in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Greater Segmentation Experience

The changes to the segment designer will make it much simpler for marketers to create segments. This new and improved user interface will provide greater support for more operators to create more complex and business centric marketing segments.

Custom Analytics

Dynamics 365 for Marketing collects wide-ranging and detailed information about how contacts interact with marketing communications and campaigns.

Through custom analytics, this data can be collected and presented within the Marketing app or other business applications.

As well as this, the default analytics provided will design charts, graphs and KPIs that can be embedded straight into the Marketing app which will provide you with more insights into the metrics that matter most to your business.

Embedded video content using Microsoft Stream

The new content options available within Dynamics 365 for Marketing will make it easier for video content to be easily embedded into marketing landing pages and emails.

Through the use of Microsoft Stream, you can simply drag video blocks from the designer’s toolbox and put them into place on the design and select which video that you want to appear.

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