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6 ways Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help your business with account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is a business strategy that focuses on identifying specific accounts B2B firms can go after in order to improve marketing ROI and customer acquisition. Rather than directing a firm’s marketing activities to a general audience, account-based marketing help firm’s produce campaigns that have a ‘market of one.’

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Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the perfect tool for your business to use to set up a best practice account-based marketing plan. Here’s how.

1. Share information and understand your leads:

Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets you have a holistic view of your leads and customer by connecting all sales and marketing processes into a single source of information. Securely share valuable information and insights about leads, prospects and customers by having up-to-the minute details on key contacts, past purchases, open opportunities and all previous activity.

2. Automate your lead scoring: 

Use analytics from your customers’ interactions with your events and designed customer journey to automatically identify which leads are hot and which are not. Dynamics 365 for Marketing will take charge and guide salespeople to engage with leads when they’ve met an agreed-on sales-ready score.

3. Tailor your customer journeys to specific accounts and personalise their experience: 

Intuitive drag-and-drop design tools help you easily create customer-specific content that drives engagement and results. Create automated, multichannel campaigns that have tailor-made follow-up activities that automate workflows. Rather than having a one path fits all approach, Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets your business lead customers through a journey that reacts to their interactions and identifies your best prospects.

4. Build and publish customer-specific landing pages:

Easily create professional landing pages to capture leads and optimise your customer’s experience. Landing pages provide forms that can capture data straight into your Dynamics 365 database and can include promotional text, images and any other information. They can act as microsites, viewable only to your specific leads.

5. End-to-end management of events:

Manage everything from webinars to breakfast briefings and everything in between from the comfort of your Dynamics 365 for Marketing app. Starting with the planning and budgeting, you’re able to work through the promotion of an event right through to the publication, registration, broadcasting and final analytics in order to effectively measure your event’s ROI.

6. Connect with LinkedIn:

Have your Dynamics 365 app and LinkedIn talk to each other so that important account leads can be flagged, monitored and optimised with the best content available. Run LinkedIn campaigns straight from Dynamics 365 and have all insights imported back instantly.

Words by Camilo Lascano Tribin 

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