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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs ClickDimensions

When choosing the best tool to support your marketing activities there is a myriad of options to choose from with various different features to help users distinguish which is better for them. Below we take a quick look and present an overview of the features to consider when deciding between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions.

General Features


Dynamics for Marketing


Social Marketing

Yes (Via Social Engagement)



Yes (with 3rd Party support)

Yes (with 3rd Party support only Business)

Landing Pages


Yes (only Business)

Lead Scoring


Yes (only Business)

Web Intelligence / Analytics




Yes (with Voice of the Customer)  

Yes (only Business)




Event Management (Webinars)


Yes (only business)

Web Forms

Yes (with Portals)


E-mail Marketing



Campaign Automation


Yes (only Business)


Further Specifications



Dynamics for Marketing


Email Creation

Drag and Drop Editor: One, two or three columns with text, image and HTML options.

Drag and Drop Editor: With 9 templates and text, image and social options.

Email – mobile

Preview available for phone, tablet and desktop including both orientations, but no mention of different email clients. (Gives extensive previews on mobile devices).

Phone preview with editor, plus inbox preview to show your message on a variety of email clients. Lacks tablet display. (Give extensive previews on mobile devices).

Email – deliverability

Validation checklist and spam checking  

Spam score and filter. Higher sender scores and dedicated IP addresses for larger senders.

Email – analytics 

Primarily tables and graphs, which provide all information needed but are not very detailed or interactive.  

Very visual with graphs, tables and charts plus a heat map showing clicks. Drills intro great detail and simple to glance at.  

Campaign Builder

Very intuitive, drag and drop automation, visual results via creating your own charts and a brilliant planning calendar.

No campaigns (just within CRM).  


Fantastic campaign/marketing automation, simple to use and easy to run. Lacks automation for nurture marketing.   

The nurture campaign automation is brilliant, however in reverse to MDM, it lacks campaign automation.

Marketing Management  

Brilliant campaign calendar for time management and visibility, plus records for managing marketing departments.  Built for larger businesses

Less a management tool and more an activity tool – allows activities to be created and analysed, but less about planning and managing them.  

General UX

Improved yet can be difficult to know what to click.  

Simple and easy to use UX.



Connectivity options however you do not get maximum visibility into marketing activity in CRM.

Integrated within CRM with a full overview of marketing activity within each record.  

Form building

Not currently available  

Simple to use and forms can be put onto websites as custom links or embedded as links, frames and widgets.  


Written how – to guides all online, video collection and online resources.   

Large online support community, dedicated training videos and how to guides.


Conclusion: Which one is better?

This breakdown is just a simple guide to help assist you in making the right choice. Essentially, neither Dynamics for Marketing or ClickDimensions is better than one another and entirely depends on your business needs and requirements. The best way to proceed before making any decision concerning your solution is to communicate with Advantage or your selected partner for professional advice before taking the plunge.


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