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What Microsoft CRM & Microsoft Power Platform Licences are FREE for charities & not-for-profits?

If you did or didn’t know, Microsoft Technology for Social Impact looks to provide charities and not-for-profits with easy access to technology to help them transform the way they work. 

Some of the things that Microsoft does is to provide a whole host of grants, discounts as well as donated licences across the wider Microsoft stack of products. 

Currently, Microsoft has some of the following headline licence offers available for eligible charities & not-for-profits: 

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise – FREE for up to 5 users 
  • Power Apps per App plan – FREE for up to 10 users 
  • Power BI Desktop – FREE for eligible charities/not-for-profits 

As well as the above, Microsoft can offer your charity a whole host of discounts for both CRM and the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Dynamics 365 Licensing Offers for Charities/Not-for-profits (CRM) 

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise 

As mentioned above, charities can get FREE licences for up to 5 users to enable them to take advantage of the full sales automation parts of Dynamics 365. In addition to this, any additional user licences required for eligible charities are charged at a discounted price of £17.90 per user per month. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional 

Take your charity/not-for-profit to the next level with game-changing sales automation capabilities through Dynamics 365 Sales Professional which is being offered at a heavily discounted rate of £12.30 per user per month. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional 

Ensure that your charity/not-for-profit's needs are met with core customer care functionality which includes case management which can be used for just £9.40 per user per month for eligible charities. 

Dynamics 365 Team Member 

Enable users to finish simple tasks as well as to read data. These types of licences are available for charities at a discounted rate of £1.51 per user per month. 

Microsoft Power Apps Discounts for Charities/Not-for-profits 

Power Apps Per Plan 

Streamline your processes to boost efficiency through the use of customised apps created on the Microsoft cloud platform. Microsoft are providing 10 FREE users on the Power Apps per app plan. 

If you need to add more users, these are heavily discounted for charities/not-for-profits coming in at £1.89 per app per user per month. 

Power Apps Per User Plan 

If the first offer in this section isn’t right for you, your charity/not-for-profit can choose to licence the Power Apps per user plan, thus allowing specific users to gain access to multiple apps at a heavily discounted rate of £3.80 per user per month. 

Microsoft Power BI Discounts for Charities/Not-for-profits 

Microsoft Power BI Desktop 

Take advantage of valuable data insights through the use of interactive visualisations and fully embedded AI functionality. 

Through the use of Tech for Social Impact, the Power BI Desktop is available for FREE if your charity/not-for-profit is eligible. 

Microsoft Power BI Pro 

If your charity/not-for-profit is looking for something a little more advanced such as real-time dashboards and reporting, the Tech for Social Impact grant brings down the prices associated with Power BI Pro to just £2.30 per user per month. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a charity or not-for-profit that is looking to take advantage of the above discounts to get up & running with a Microsoft CRM, a Microsoft Power App or Microsoft Power BI then please give our team here at Advantage a call to discuss your specific requirements. 

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