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What are we expecting to see in the Dynamics 365 for Customer Service update from October?

As we have already alluded to in these Dynamics 365 update blog articles, Microsoft has announced its plans for its main Business Applications, as well as for Dynamics 365. The latest roadmap given by Microsoft will cover the next major cloud update between October 2018 and March 2019. 

In our previous posts on the updates, we’ve covered the new updates coming to Dynamics 365 for SalesDynamics 365 for Marketing updates, Dynamics 365 Business Central updates: Part 1 and Part 2 as well as the updates for Dynamics 365 for Field Service. In our latest blog post, we will cover all the new and improved features that will be coming to Dynamics 365 for Customer Service from October. 

NB: It is important to note that these points/dates are subject to change and as mentioned below some of the new functions highlighted will initially be released as a public preview. 

Service Scheduling 

One of the new features coming in the October release will be the new service scheduling solution which has been built on top of the Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) currently used within the Dynamics 365 apps for Field Service and Project Service Automation. 

This will help bring all the core URS functionality to the Customer Service app which comes to include the scheduling board, resource search, resource sorting as well as the activity views for managing services and service activities. 

Customer Service Admin 

As part of the latest update, the management of the service management module will move under the Customer Service Hub which will allow both customer service managers and administrators to access the configurations from within the app. 

Built on the Unified Interface, the new and improved Service Management module will make it much simpler to configure tasks such as queues, subjects, case settings, routing rules, automated record creation rules, entitlements, entitlement templates, holiday and customer service schedules, service level agreements as well as knowledge management settings. 

Suggest Similar Cases 

Through the use of Microsoft Text Analytics APIs and case information across different entity records, similar cases are suggested to make it easier for service agents to resolve cases quicker as well as to reduce the average handling time and improve the overall customer experience. 

This feature will be hitting the Dynamics 365 for Customer Service app from December which will include a new Similar Cases grid which will dynamically list all the completed cases against the characteristics and keywords from the current case record. This will work alongside embedded knowledge which will be designed to provide users with an additional resource to help identify and share solutions. 

Knowledge Recommendations & Relevance Search 

Microsoft Text Analytics APIs will also be used to help improve the recommended knowledge feature which will give users faster access to contextual articles. This will be available from December. 

Furthermore, Relevance Search will now be available from October which will aim to improve both the accuracy and context of knowledge post searches which will also come to include matches based on notes and knowledge article attachments. 

Customer Service Health in One Admin Centre (Public Preview) 

The One Admin Centre feature will provide a whole host of information on network bandwidth, network latency, app reliability and performance measures which will make it easier for organisations to monitor the health of the service. 

In addition to this, it will also provide highly accurate information on the time taken by out-of-the-box components versus customisations which will make it easier for organisations and software vendors to be able to assess the implementation quality and compliance. 

The above feature should be available as a public preview from December. 

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