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Smarter analytics with Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Your business produces a vast amount of data, waiting for the appropriate means to glean insight from it. Perhaps right now, you have all this data and struggle to process and make sense of it? Or you even lack the means to put all of this data in one place?

If you’re a user of ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV for instance, then Power BI is the software you need to help you interrogate this data and to gain a better and complete insight into your business.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

It’s a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that collates and analyses data from a wide range of sources. Things like your chosen email client, web analytics and supply chain data can all be aggregated in real-time from one location.

You can get this information quickly utilising a raft of pre-made dashboards that Microsoft Power BI provide as default. You can then customise these to display that information you need. You can even create interactive content packs that illustrate key metrics for people in the wider team to interrogate and understand.

What makes Power BI so great?

Asides from the interactive visual aids you can make, there are lots of different things that it does brilliantly like:

  • Quick Setup – Because of the template driven interface Power BI boasts, setting up the flow of your data into Power BI is quick and easy. Things like pulling data from your CRM, ERP and cloud-based services is painless!
  • One page, one view – It doesn’t matter where the data is being pulled from, Power BI will package all of that information into one place for you
  • Updates in real-time – Power BI dynamically pulls information from your sources in real-time. Edits to this information will reflect in the visual representation of the data on your Power BI dashboards
  • Mobility – Power BI has been designed to be accessible on an array of devices includes tablets, phones and the usual PC and laptops.

Why bother with Power BI?

There are tonnes of benefits of using Power BI  including:

  • Centralising your data – Power BI offers unparalleled insight into your business. Even if your solutions (ERP, CRM) aren’t part of the Dynamics family, you’ll still be able to aggregate this data into one location.
  • Better decision making – Having all of your data in one place will help you to make better decisions. Things like sales reports, marketing statistics can all be fed into Power BI, empowering you with the information you need to make strategic and intelligent decisions.
  • Anywhere, any place access – You can take Power BI anywhere, on your tablet or laptop. You’ll be able to export insights gleaned easily with a touch of a button.
  • Low cost – Power BI is available on monthly subscription and at a low cost compared to other solutions available in the marketplace.

If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics NAV  why don’t you attend our webinar on the 19th of July?