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Microsoft set to improve Windows 10 Security with new Hacker Protection feature

Microsoft have recently announced plans to bring to market a brand new & highly powerful security feature to Windows 10 that might transform the way that you work. 

This new security feature for Windows 10 which is called Kernel Data Protection has already been rolled out in the latest Windows 10 Insider Build.  

Before you ask, what is Kernel Data Protection? 

On July 8th, Microsoft revealed in a technical deep dive what it refers to as a new platform security technology for preventing data corruption. The way in which it operates is to allow developers to secure selected parts of the Windows kernel & drivers in read-only mode through a set of application programming interfaces which will prevent hackers from being able to modify or change protected memory. 

Put simply, it will block the typical ways such as data corruption methodologies that hackers use to facilitate their attacks. Other examples of such attacks are where hackers may look to escalate privileges, install malicious drivers & software. With many hackers shifting towards data corruption as their preferred option of attack, Microsoft look set to prevent this from happening. 

So when will KDP be available for all Windows 10 Users? 

Microsoft have kept their cards close to their chest as to when this KDP feature will be brought out of Windows 10 Insider testing and rolled out as a core release. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long for this to happen as anything that looks set to reduce the number of Windows 10 attacks is surely a good thing to have installed on your PCs. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a small business looking to improve the security on your Windows 10 machine (or are looking to upgrade to Windows 10) perhaps the best course of action would be to get a comprehensive IT audit completed along with taking the necessary steps to improve the security of your systems by getting Cyber Security Certified along with ensuring that all your security solutions in place are up to date and up to scratch. Please get in touch with our team of IT experts today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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