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Microsoft launches latest round of updates for To-Do to Windows 10 insiders

In the past few months, Microsoft has been busy working on a whole host of new features for Microsoft To-Do but is taking this one step further to support one of the most iconic aspects of Windows 10: Live Tiles. In its latest update recently released only to preview testers and Insiders, To-Do is providing full Live Tile support which comes with background sync to help ensure that your lists and tasks are updated in real time.

As you would come to expect with Microsoft, all Live Tile sizes are supported here which makes it simple for you to pin them in multiple configurations on your Start menu. Furthermore, the tiles will cycle through all the important information that has been included for your tasks for that day. This comes to include a look at the tasks set out in the “My Day” section within the app along with a brief message informing you of how many tasks you’ve finished in that day.


This is only the beginning for this Live Tiles feature as Microsoft has said that in the future that it is planning to support pinning specific lists to the Start menu as well.

All that the background sync feature brings to the table is that it makes sure that To-Do remains up to date with your progress recorded in the background instead of having to refresh it when you open up the app in Windows 10. This is great if you are on the go as you can simply tick off tasks on your phone which automatically updates it on To-Do.

All of the above updates should already be available in the To-Do version 140.12541.0 for preview and Insider testers on Windows 10.

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