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Microsoft launch new Windows 10 office app

Microsoft have just released the all new Office app, that will be the hub for anyone using all the office products. 

The newly named “Office” will be replacing the “My Office” app that is currently present allowing you access to recent documents, Office apps and the free online version of Office. This new app will come preinstalled on Windows 10 devices and will not require an Office 365 subscription to be accessed.

This updated launch is not simply a change of skins and icons, the new update comes along with new tips and tricks, tutorials and helpful information, gives IT administrators the ability to customise and supports third party access and brand activities allowing for a completely bespoke experience.  

This updated Office app will let users access Office applications more easily with One Drive cloud-based storage, SharePoint and the Office Online Web apps that come with Office 365 subscriptions. There is also customisation potential for those using Azure Active Directory with the ability to provide “third-party” apps within the Office app.  Users are also able to turn on Microsoft Search for the Office app which will allow customers to utilise the rich information that comes with Microsoft Graph and Bing search across the set of Office 365 products.

A big step forward is that the Office web app provides offline access to apps and files. The Office app is automatically coming to Windows 10 users over the coming weeks, although it is available for download from the Microsoft store directly.  This Office app will be available to those with versions Windows 10 build 14257.0 and above. It is also possible to install the Office app directly from a browser on some operating systems such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Samsung Internet browsers with the Google Chrome browser allowing for additional support for desktop installations of the Office app on Linux and Windows systems.

This new Office app is reflective of Microsoft’s push towards making their products more accessible, integrated and adaptable for people in different markets. Expect to see more of your favourite Microsoft solutions all centralised in one place for increased efficiency.

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