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Windows 10 Update Fix

Microsoft’s newly updated Windows 10 created some concern as multiple users started to report that some of their files were being automatically deleted after the update was installed, including some of their default folders for documents and pictures. This has led to many users frantically looking for ways to avoid the update or find a way to safely install the update and keep all of their important files.  

Microsoft have taken some precautions to stop any further loss of personal files, as they paused the distribution of the update. If you have already downloaded it then you should opt to avoid installing it for now until you have backed up all of your important files on a separate device before restarting your PC and the automatic update begins to install.   

If you have already updated and have lost your important files you can use System Restore to roll back to an earlier point where these files were secure or in some cases Microsoft are running NFTS File Recovery for their customers via remote login if you call their dedicated helpline.  



In any instance it is advisable to future-proof yourself against this type of eventuality by protecting your important files either on a separate storage unit or on the cloud. There are many affordable options that allow you to keep your important files on the cloud such as Office 365 software which also keeps you up to date with the latest security as well as the newest Microsoft features.  

Microsoft are now relaunching a modified version of its latest Windows 10 update amending the issues which were deleting users files and data. After an internal validation, the update will be rolled out to Windows Insiders before it becomes available to the general public, with Director of Programme Management John Cable stating that Microsoft will closely monitor the feedback and telemetry from Insiders before the update is up for mainstream release. 

With a new feature added to the Windows Insider called Feedback Hub, Microsoft hope that by allowing users to indicate the importance of the issue they will be able to rectify them quicker 

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