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Microsoft reveals a real gamechanger in Customer Service Admin Centre

If you didn’t already know this, Microsoft has been looking for ways to make administration much easier within the Dynamics 365 Customer Service application. This is where Microsoft has recently announced its new and improved Customer Service Admin Centre application to help achieve this. 

Why did Microsoft create this new application? 

The main reason that this application was created was to be able to bring together the admin functions of three existing elements: 

  • Service management area in the Customer Service Hub 
  • Omnichannel admin centre 
  • App Profile Manager 

As well as bringing together the above elements, the aim was to also improve the overall administration management experience. 

So, what new and improved features are contained within this application? 

As well as collating the above experiences, there are several new & improved features coming to the application which includes: 

  • An improved onboarding system for building a new channel. 
  • A new search feature to simplify the process for locating admin settings. 
  • A simplified task-orientated sitemap that can be customised to the features you have selected. 
  • New overview pages for every single area list at-a-glance information with specific links to allow you to manage certain features/capabilities. 
  • New landing pages for all features to give you an overview of the capabilities for each one. 

Great, how can I access this new application? 

You should be able to access this new application automatically as it will have been already rolled out for your business. To access this application, go to the app selection screen where you will see the application named ‘Customer Service admin’ with the following description: A unified app for customer services administration. 

What if I am still using one of the three admin elements named earlier in the article? 

If your business is still using the Service management area within the Customer Service Hub, the Omnichannel admin centre or the App profile manager, you will need to make firm plans to make the transition to the new Admin Centre application. This is because the existing admin elements will now be phased out and removed completely with the App profile manager being removed in April 2023 with the rest to follow. You will find that all the admin functions you use now will be found in the new admin application so you can start using them straight away. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to make the move from the old admin elements to the new one within Dynamics 365 Customer Service then please give our team of Dynamics 365 experts a call today to discuss how we can help you achieve this. 

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