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Microsoft releases its cumulative updates for Dynamics NAV 2018

Microsoft has recently released its cumulative updates for NAV 2018 which includes all hotfixes and regulatory features as well as those released in previous cumulative updates. It is important to note that you may need to update your license after implementing these hotfixes in order to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update.

NB: We strongly advise that you get in touch with us before you attempt to install any of the below hotfixes or updates as these may cause interoperability issues with customisations and third-party products which we would need to address.

Please find below a table of the problems in NAV 2018 that are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes




Dynamics NAV Server account gives 202 warnings in the event log. 


The cursor points to the first record when you open the Item by Location page from the Item List page. 


Permission error because of the security filter which is not resolved by adding indirect permissions to the relevant user. 


The Web client crashes with a fatal error when you try to access a table extension that extends a table where the key has a field with AutoIncrement=Yes. 


It is possible to change the G/L Entry table with a customer license by using an event subscriber codeunit. 


'Value does not fall within the expected range' error message when the Windows client and Click Once client frequently crash.  


Client crashes when you view the data xml from a report preview. 


Menu options are missing for customer licensed users if the relevant menu suites were compiled by using a partner license rather than a customer license. 


Indentation is missing when you use the Export Budget To Excel Report function. 


In some special circumstances, a user will be redirected as specified in ReturnUrl after a successful authentication. 


No effect in view mode when you double click on a record in a list when the user has restricted permissions. 

Application hotfixes

To find out more about the application hotfixes that are now available for NAV 2018, please get in touch with Advantage.

If you are looking to implement any of the updates/hotfixes above or are looking to upgrade your current version of NAV to 2018 or want to find out more about what updates/hotfixes are available for older versions of NAV then please get in touch with Advantage today to discuss your specific requirements.

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