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Latest Office 365 update aims to modernise SharePoint Online

Microsoft has recently revealed the release of a new Office 365 update that will aim to transform the way that SharePoint Online end users create both Team Sites and Communication Sites. In addition to this, Microsoft also stated in their recent post that end users will also be given the capability to create new and improved “Modern” SharePoint sites, even if they don’t currently have the security access required to create Office 365 Groups.

As it stands in Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 Groups are created automatically for end users when they create either a Team Site or a Communication Site. The only problem is that if an IT team/department has disabled the ability for users to create Groups then they are only able to create “Classic” SharePoint sites which doesn’t include the ability to automatically create an Office 365 Group.

This is where the latest Microsoft Office 365 update released comes in to help resolve this problem. The update will provide users with the security access needed to create modern sites in SharePoint Online even if they don’t have the Group creation access. Furthermore, this update has already been provided to Office 365 “targeted released” test users with the full rollout globally including the UK expected to happen by the end of August.

As well as the above changes delivered as part of this update, the latest update will also provide end users with the ability to change the default language of a SharePoint site to one of 50 different language options even if it goes against the current default set for your organisation.

Furthermore, for those that are admins of SharePoint Online in their organisations, there are also more enhanced controls around site creation by end users where you can enforce either modern or classic site options. Better still, you will be able to control who is able to create SubSites or not on SharePoint Online.

It is important to note that the more “Classic” SharePoint sites use a much older user interface when compared to “Modern” SharePoint sites which are also easier to use and display better on mobile devices. Currently, Sites, Lists, Libraries and Recycle Bins all have a modern user interface in SharePoint Online.

It is possible for SharePoint users to have a combination of both the classic and modern elements, however it is not always easy to transform pages completely to the modern interface largely due to the fact that features aren’t like for like.

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