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OneDrive and SharePoint now default save locations for 365 Apps

Many companies are experiencing the various benefits that come with working in the cloud or having hybrid cloud capabilities Microsoft has recently announced that OneDrive and SharePoint Online will be the default save location for Office 365 apps from February 2019 onwards.  

From February files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint will have a default saving location of either OneDrive or SharePoint Online indicating a push to move Microsoft users from the reliance of local PC's toward cloud assistance. 

Office 365 users can still change this default via choosing a different location by changing the default working folder. These changes won’t be available for IT admins to change Office 365 defaults and also won’t affect any kind of defaults already set by administrators or the company policies set.  

This update from Microsoft is in line with the future trajectory of creating more possibilities for businesses via the utilisation of the cloud. We can expect to see more updates that help users become more secure with rapid bug fixes and the ability to explore the range of the benefits the cloud offers.  

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