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Is your business experiencing issues with Office 365 when using it within Dynamics GP?

As we come out of lockdown and businesses try & get back to normal, over the course of the last few days we’ve noticed a custom VBA code compatibility issue that could be impacting on Dynamics GP users when accessing & using Office 365 functionality from within GP. 

NB: If you are planning to upgrade O365 with GP then please talk to Advantage first as some changes are required on GP and these need to be planned into your upgrade plans. 

So just what is this custom VBA code compatibility issue? 

This issue has occurred as the redistributable version of VBA code that is packaged with Microsoft Dynamics GP has reached end-of-life which means that if you have upgraded Microsoft Office you may experience some issues according to Microsoft.  

NB: If you don’t know if you have any custom VBA code in your current Dynamics GP system then get in touch with us and we can check this for you and advise you on the next steps! 

Am I being affected by this custom VBA code compatibility issue? 

You may find that Dynamics GP is crashing or closing when accessing any email/outlook functionality for any Microsoft Office 365 version newer than 1810

At this point, you would may be experiencing some of the following errors: 

  • Closing with no error 
  • Not Responding with no error 
  • APPCRASH ilmapi32.dll 
  • APPCRASH olmapi32.dll 

Which versions of Dynamics GP could be impacted by this custom VBA code compatibility issue? 

It is widely believed by Microsoft to be potentially impacting on the following versions of Dynamics GP that contain custom VBA code: 

  • Dynamics GP 2013 
  • Dynamics GP 2013R2 
  • Dynamics GP 2015 
  • Dynamics GP 2015R2 
  • Dynamics GP 2016 
  • Dynamics GP 2016R2 
  • Dynamics GP 2018 
  • Dynamics GP 2018R2 

How do I resolve this custom VBA code compatibility issue? 

When it comes to resolving this issue, you have the following 3 options available to your business: 

  • Option 1: Backup & Remove all VBA code you have in Dynamics GP. 
  • Option 2: Revert/Rollback Microsoft Office to the 1810 build 
  • Option 3: Rename Dynamics GP Code folder and run a Repair (this will remove 3rd Parties) 

NB: You should only have to apply 1 of the above options, not all of them! Please do not attempt to resolve this issue yourself without discussing the options with Advantage first

Next Steps? 

If your business doesn’t know how to check for custom VBA code or is experiencing the issue above then we strongly recommend that you get in touch with our team of GP experts now who will be able to review the issues you are experiencing and implement one of the above options to resolve the issue for your business. 

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