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What to expect in the October 2020 updates for Dynamics GP

As technological advances continue to accelerate at a rapid rate, ERP systems like Dynamics GP are constantly evolving to provide the best possible solution for its daily users.  

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with the exciting, new & improved features that will be coming to the latest version of Dynamics GP from October 2020 aimed at improving the overall customer experience. 


  • As a result of the latest Dynamics GP update, you will now be able to maximise all GP reports on ‘Print to Screen’ which means that you don’t need to resize the window. Furthermore, Microsoft have also added the capability to disable the system print dialog box when you print a Word template. 


  • Following the latest update for Dynamics GP, you will find that when running the Reconcile GL option, you can now reconcile all years selected in one go rather than individually. Not only will this save you valuable time but will also help to improve your overall efficiency. 


  • In the October 2019 update for Dynamics GP, Microsoft made a longer and second description option available on its Payable Invoices. In the October 2020 update, you will find that two additional User Defined Fields will be allowed to be used on the Payables Transactions. Furthermore, you will also find that a new User Defined Field can now be used in GL entries for more advanced reporting. This will allow your reports and invoices to have more details in them without any limitations on spacing. 
  • More and more businesses are using a name that is different from the owner’s name or its legal name. You will find that in the latest version of Dynamics GP you can now add a DBA (Doing Business As) Name Field on the Vendor Card and 1099 form updates. 
  • The ability to use the Copy and Paste functionality in GL entries is pivotal in ensuring efficiency and reducing human error. As part of the latest Dynamics GP update, Microsoft have added this functionality to Payables Invoices. 

Additional Notes 

As part of the latest round of updates for Dynamics GP, you will find that Dynamics GP 2015 will no longer be receiving updates from Microsoft. Also, if your business is using any version below GP 2015, your mainstream support has ended. Furthermore, if your business is using anything below Dynamics GP 2010, the extended support date will pass as of October so you should look into upgrading asap (we put together a blog outlining 4 reasons why you should upgrade your Dynamics GP solution to the latest version). 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to upgrade your current Dynamics GP solution to take advantage of the new & improved features above then please contact one of our GP experts today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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