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Is your business experiencing issues emailing Word templates out of Dynamics GP following recent Microsoft Office update?

As we all get back to business as usual following the recent lockdown, we’ve noticed that following the recent Microsoft Office update that GP users could be unable to send out Word templates from Dynamics GP. 

NB: If you are planning to upgrade O365 with GP then please talk to Advantage first as some changes are required on GP and these need to be planned into your upgrade plans. 

So just what is this Word Template issue? 

Essentially when Word templates are opened either to screen, to file, or in an email, GP users will report the error below when they attempt to open it: 


To put this into context, the issue revolves around the opening of the file, not the generating of it! You will find that the files will still be shown in the chosen location or in the email you wanted to send. If you tried the ‘to screen’ option then you will see that the file is in your local %TEMP% directory. Therefore, if you are still sending emails to customers/vendors, we suggest that you convert them to PDFs rather than Word documents. However, if your customer/vendor has updated Office recently, they won’t be able to see the attachment. 

Am I affected by this Word Template issue? 

If your business is on any Office version past build 13127.20408 you will be affected according to Microsoft regardless of which GP version you are currently using. Please see the full list below directly from Microsoft: 

Channel Version Build Release Date Previous Build
Current Channel 2008 13127.20408 September 9, 2020 13127.20296
Monthly Enterprise Channel 2007 13029.20534 September 8, 2020 13029.20534
Monthly Enterprise Channel 2006 13001.20648 September 8, 2020 13001.20520
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview) 2008 13127.20408 September 8, 2020 12527.20988
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel 2002 12527.21104 September 8, 2020 12527.20988
Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel 1908 11929.20946 September 8, 2020 11929.20934

How do I resolve this Word Template issue? 

If your business is experiencing the above issue, there are a number of temporary options available at this stage until Microsoft has developed a more permanent fix: 

  • Roll-back Office to 16.0.13127.20296 (or earlier); disable automatic Office updates until permanent fix is advised. 
  • Send PDF instead of Word Documents – as if the recipient at the other end have upgraded their Office, they won’t be able to open the Word Attachment. 

NB: Please do not attempt to rollback Microsoft Office to the previous version without discussing it with Advantage first as it could cause other issues within your Dynamics GP solution. 

Next Steps? 

If your business is experiencing the issue above then we strongly recommend that you get in touch with our team of experts now who will be able to assist you with rolling back Microsoft Office & to check that everything within Dynamics GP is still working as it should be. 

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