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Microsoft announces new game changing Transcribe feature for Microsoft Word online

Microsoft have recently announced in a blog that they will be bringing a new feature called Transcribe to Microsoft Word online which will be free for Office 365 subscribers. 

So just what is Transcribe in Word? 

Essentially it is a new feature that will enable users to upload existing audio files or to record a conversation straight into Word which will be automatically transcribed. 

The new feature will be able to use audio directly from your desktop which can be used to capture meetings, calls or even video content in MP3 format. Furthermore, it will also allow you to use audio that you have recorded via the microphone on your desktop directly. As well as supporting MP3 files, this new feature will also accept 200MB of WAV, M4A or MP4 formats. 

How does Transcribe in Word work? 

After the process of transcribing has been initiated, Microsoft’s leading AI will get to work by separating different speakers and split the text into easily readable sections that will be timestamped to help streamline the playback in the best possible way. After this has been completed, users will be able to edit & add these text clippings straight into a Microsoft Word document. 

This new feature is on par with its text-to-audio service, Immersive Reader which was launched on August 25th and makes use of Microsoft’s Azure AI platform and is looking to take advantage of the increased popularity of AL-powered transcription. 

So when is this new feature available? 

Microsoft have revealed that Transcribe in Word is available now for free to all Microsoft 365 subscribers. This new feature will also work fine in Microsoft’s very own browser, Edge as well as in the ever popular Chrome browser. Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that it intends to create a mobile version for both iOS and Android later in the year. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business looking to take advantage of this new & improved feature but don’t have an Office 365 subscription and are looking to get one or are looking for additional IT consultancy on how you can use technology in your business then please call one of our IT experts today to discuss your business requirements with us. 

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