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Introducing our Microsoft Dynamics for Churches & Religious Institutions solution

Over the years churches and religious institutions have found it increasingly difficult to streamline both purchasing and invoicing processes within their current and dated systems making their day-to-day jobs extremely tedious. 

These problems have been addressed by Microsoft who can now help Dioceses and other religious institutions all over the UK to dramatically streamline their purchase & invoicing processes and introduce governance. Advantage work with similar organisations such as Dioceses & other religious institutions across London and beyond providing and supporting Microsoft solutions. 

At the core of the Microsoft solution is a centralised Financial Ledger application that allows Purchasing to be centrally controlled by Finance, and the whole Purchase to Pay Process is governed and has an audit trail. Any approval of invoice payments by a Church can be carried out via the web without the need to access the Finance system. 

The solution from Advantage would enable a Purchase request to be made by a Church / Parish, a Purchase Order can then be raised by finance, with an inherent approval process. Once the services or goods have been received by the Church / Parish they would be able to authorise invoice payment via a simple web portal. 

 The benefits of the overall solution are: 

  • The Churches / Parishes do not require access / licenses to the Finance system, any approvals are made via a simple web portal – encouraging their buy-in. 
  • The administration of purchasing is centrally controlled by Finance, but without significant overhead of processing transactions, approval of payments, etc. 
  • Approval processes are built into the solution at both the purchase and payments stages – therefore providing both governance and an audit trail. 
  • The overall solution is Cloud based, and accessible from any location via a simple web browser on a laptop, tablet, Smartphone or PC. 
  • The solution from Advantage would enable you to control, track and financially accurately report expenditure of all Funds / Donations. 

Next Steps? 

If the above resonates with you and you would like to discuss how Microsoft’s Business Central solution can help transform your Diocese/Church or Religious Institution into a true Cloud based environment, with efficient Purchase to Pay processing, please feel free to contact one of our team of Microsoft Dynamics experts who will be able to discuss your specific requirements. 

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