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How to use Managed Services to meet challenges in the Financial Services industry

As many of us already know, the financial services sector across the UK is highly competitive and highly regulated. In order to stay ahead of the curve, financial companies need to utilise the latest tech, make sure data is secure, oversee operational silos, ensure compliance is maintained with regards to regulations and embrace new technologies. 

From the above, it is clear that there is so much to manage, this is why a managed service provider such as Advantage could be the best you need as they will be able to take care of all of it for you. In our latest blog article, we talk about how Managed Services can help you meet the challenges of the financial services industry. 

More vigorous regulatory compliance 

As we already know, the financial services industry is heavily regulated which means that ensuring compliance can often be a tiring process. Companies must be able to meet the regulations set out by GDPR, PSD2 and many other directives. This is where managed service providers such as Advantage can use their knowledge to help you to navigate regulatory landscapes and can help financial companies to meet compliance requirements. 

Operational silos and process optimisation 

It doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that many financial organisations find it difficult to operate in silos, where departments and business functions work alone, stalling collaboration as well as efficiency. You will find that managed service providers are able to work with your business to break these silos up by integrating systems together, improving workflows and delivering the latest solutions. By using process optimisation, financial companies can encourage data sharing, reduce errors and improve communications as well as becoming more agile, meaning that there will be improved productivity as well as valuable cost savings. 

Don’t shy away from new technologies 

In order to stay ahead of the game, financial businesses need to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology such as AI, machine learning as well as more automation. The use of these technologies allows you to automate processes, use predictive analytics as well as use enhanced decision-making functionality. Managed service providers such as Advantage will be able to help you to both deploy and manage these technologies in the best possible way. You will also find that they can also help with AI implementation, data analytics as well as intelligent automation, enabling financial businesses to use technology to drive efficiency, increase innovation as well as to provide more personalised services. 

Drive scalability and flexibility 

It goes without saying but the financial services industry sees demand go up and down, seasonality kicks in and all kinds of workloads. This is where managed service providers can help as they can deliver scalable solutions that can be reduced or expanded depending on what is required. Furthermore, flexible resources can also be implemented such as virtual services, storage allowing businesses to scale up or scale down as and when required without having to make expensive investments in costly IT infrastructure. 

Increased cyber security threats 

There are no doubts that financial services companies are subject to increased cyber security threats particularly as a result of the boom in AI and automation. These attacks come to include ransomware, data breaches in addition to phishing attempts can lead to crippling financial losses, irreplaceable damage to reputation as well as regulatory fines. The great thing about managed service providers is the fact that they can work with financial businesses to assess their threat landscape and from this can implement the very best security measures. Most managed service partners are able to provide leading solutions such as network security, cyber awareness training, endpoint security, password security and many more to help reduce the level of risk and to protect valuable customer data. 

Increased competition and higher customer expectations 

The financial services industry is even more competitive than ever before, with new players, disruptors and technology juggernauts looking to tackle the traditional financial services companies. Along with this, customer expectations are also increasing, needing personalised experiences, smooth digital services and fast responses. You will find that all of the best managed service providers can help to deliver CRM solutions, customer analytics and omnichannel support, thus giving organisations the opportunity to provide tailored services whilst at the same time revolutionising operational efficiency. 

Spiraling costs and budget reductions 

There are no doubts that one of the biggest challenges faced by financial services companies is being able to weigh up IT investments against cost management. Having to keep IT infrastructure up to date, purchasing new technologies and meeting compliance regulations can have a significant impact on budgets. Through a reliable managed service provider, you will be able to get affordable solutions by moving capital spending to operational spending models. From here, managed services providers will be able to implement cloud-based solutions, removing any need for expensive infrastructure and reducing costs. At this point, financial businesses will be able to have the latest technologies at their fingertips and expert support on hand to maintain budget predictability. 

Business continuity and disaster recovery management 

Unexpected events such as natural disasters, hardware problems or cyber-attacks have the potential to interrupt financial operations which may lead to huge financial losses or damage to the reputation of the company. This can be avoided through a managed service provider who will be able to deliver both business continuity and disaster recovery plans that are tailored to the requirements of financial companies. Furthermore, they will help to make sure that regular backups are taken, redundant systems and swift recovery procedures, reducing downtime and enabling businesses to get back up and running quickly. 

Keeping IT costs under control 

Being able to keep control of IT costs whilst at the same time maintaining performance and security is a constant battle for financial businesses. You will notice that managed service providers have predictable and transparent pricing models in place to enable businesses to be able to optimise IT budgets as much as possible. Taking this one step further, by making the most of a managed services approach, financial companies will be able to make the move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, cutting down on hardware and maintenance costs, whilst at the same time accessing the very best in technologies and expert support. 

You will find that in an ever-competitive financial services industry, UK businesses are constantly facing new challenges that require them to effectively manage their IT. If you pick the right managed service provider you will find that they can give you game changing solutions to meet these challenges, allowing financial businesses to focus their energy on their core competencies, improving agility, reducing costs as well as improving security and compliance. By choosing to work with the right managed service provider, financial companies can take advantage of leading technologies and expert support to stay both competitive and grow in an ever-changing market. 

Next Steps? 

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