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5 reasons why you should implement Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare

As technology and healthcare facilities’ transformation continues to evolve, the healthcare industry is looking to automation to improve overall patient experiences. Furthermore, modern day healthcare is progressively more driven by value. Therefore, it means that the whole ecosystem of technology needs to be very much patient-centric. 

No matter whether you are going to A & E or seeing a local GP, a recent survey has suggested that 93% of patients require access to their medical history. In addition to this, 71% of patients suggested that they wanted healthcare specialists to give vital care via a mutually agreed digital channel of communication with all the info on decisions concerning their treatment. 

Therefore, being able to access patient information in real time would enable you to identify the best times to give proper care and support to patients in between appointments to improve the overall health outcomes. 

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 5 reasons as to why you should implement Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare. 

Easily manage all your facilities in different locations 

This goes without saying but it is safe to assume that most organisations have different facilities across different locations. The challenge of managing this can be extremely complex and labour intensive and most of all extremely stressful as you will need to be concerned by the number of users, permissions, coding the right transaction to the right facility, reporting by facility and location. This is where Microsoft Dynamics can come to help you to seamlessly manage each facility and location in one place which can easily be accessed across multiple devices. 

Microsoft Dynamics provides a reliable integration platform 

Microsoft Dynamics is an extremely useful integration platform that easily integrates and automates almost anything in a healthcare organisation. Furthermore, the Microsoft Dynamics integration engine takes this one step further by allowing you to complete integrations easily within your clinical solution, bank provider as well as any other part of your system. After these integrations have been completed you will find they’re seamless, real-time and most of all reliable. 

Keep an eye on your purchase and inventory 

As most of us already know, each & every healthcare organisation requires good controls and visibility to purchase commitments to be able to manage on-hand inventory or thousands of inventory items. 

This is where Microsoft Dynamics can help as it can offer an inventory management system that enables you to seamlessly manage your on-hand inventory which can easily demonstrate requisitions, purchase orders, invoices that enable easy approvals to take place from mobile devices. Furthermore, Dynamics can help support the automated processing of documents to reduce the need for more data entry and takes away the threat of redundancy. 

Deployment options: cloud or on-premise 

There is a lot of talk in the market about cloud deployment for SaaS hosted in the Cloud or added on your server in today’s digital marketplace. You will find that Microsoft cloud deployments through the use of Microsoft Azure can give organisations the ability to easily upscale or downscale when required & secure data centers held by Microsoft. Whether you are looking for cloud or on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics platform can take care of both elements.  

Reporting and Business Intelligence 

As many of us understand high quality data is pivotal for healthcare organisations. However, if you are looking for information, you realise that the required data is present but it is going to be extremely challenging to be able to access. This is where Microsoft Dynamics can help to resolve this issue. To be able to interpret and gain insights out of the data, you need to have flexible and reliable reporting in place that displays vital information such as the name of the care provider, by service & by location. This can be achieved through Microsoft Dynamics which creates reports whichever way you want through the use of Power Business Intelligence and metrics that can be viewed on any device. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a healthcare organisation that is looking for the right solution for your business through our Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare solution then please contact one of our team of experts to discuss exactly how we can help you to transform the way you work. 

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