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4 game changing tips for transforming the overall Dynamics 365 mobile experience

No matter whether you work in sales, marketing or field services, there are many different situations that require users to be able to access Dynamics 365 on the go from their mobile phone. 

This is why, in our latest blog article, we’ve put together 4 game changing tips for transforming the overall Dynamics 365 mobile experience. 

1) Auto-Complete Function

By allowing the auto-complete control to be used, users can simply pick a value from a drop-down list where they will find a list of options based on characters that have already been added. 

To put this into context in the form of an example, you could use this feature when a user is picking a product on a quote record. Other examples where this feature could be used are picking a particular contact or account, adding a currency into a quote, or adding an entitlement on a case record. 

2) Number Input Function

This reduces the admin involved with manually typing numbers, this input control gives users the ability to use plus and minus buttons to make changes to numbers in a particular field. Furthermore, this simplifies the process and makes it faster to adjust numbers without having to manually click on a field or type a number in. 

3) Pen Control Function

Need a signature to be used? You can do this through the use of pen control on either your mobile phone or tablet to make it much easier to acquire a signature. Essentially this reduces the requirement to manually upload a signature or use another piece of software outside of Dynamics 365 to achieve this. 

To give you an example of this in practice, a user is looking to gain a customer signature on a Field Service work order to indicate that the customer is happy to sign off the work. Signatures can also be gathered to sign a contract, a service order or show a quote is approved. 

4) Built-in Audio Recording Function

You have the capability to use an audio recorder for any requirements where you may have to record things such as a meeting, conversations with employees, or a technical issue that requires sound to diagnose. 

In another case, you can use your voice for note taking after meetings or simply when you need to communicate something quickly. 

Next Steps? 

It goes without saying that every business has different user requirements when it comes to collating and updating data. At Advantage, we take the time to understand the way in which your business operates in order to understand how best to optimise your data fields and forms specifically for use on mobile. 

Keen to learn more? Give our team of Dynamics 365 experts a call today to find out how we can help your business to improve the overall user experience in Dynamics 365. 

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