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Payment Terms Formulas and their meanings

The setup of Payment Terms in NAV can be confusing.

 In NAV we have various terminology that equates to a time period. For example:

  • D = Day. A number before this will equal the number of days. 20D = 20 days. If the number appears after the D with no sign in front of it, this means the next occurrence of that particular date. See below for an example.
  • W = Week.
  • M = Month.
  • CM = Current Month.

Additional to this, mathematical signs can be used in the equation, for example CM+20D which is basically saying, end of the current month, + 20days. So on, or around the 20th of the next month.

Some possible entries for Payment Terms and their meaning are listed below.

Entry Result – Based on Date of 28  Jan 2016 Comment
20D 17/02/2016 + 20 Days
D20 20/02/16 The next occurrence of the 20thof the month
CM 31/01/16 End of the current month.
CM+20D 20/02/16 End of the current month plus 20 days.
1W 4/02/16 1 week (usually from date of invoice.)