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How to upload a new licence file in Dynamics NAV

NAV system access and modules are controlled by a licence. You can add a number of concurrent users or modules from within your existing licence. However, license files are required to be able to do any activity from within Dynamics NAV so it is important for the end users of your ERP system to be able to successfully activate the Dynamics NAV licence.

In order to be able to complete this task, you will need to have access to your specific Dynamics NAV customer licence. From this, you will then need to work your way through the following steps on how to upload a licence file in Dynamics NAV:

Step 1

Save the Navision licence onto a location on the server, then open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database and then click on Tools >>> Licence Information >>> Upload.

After this action has been completed the Dynamics NAV licence will get stored in the SQL server and is applicable to all databases in the server which doesn't have a licence saved within the database.

Step 2

Select the licence file and then click on Open then click on OK.

Step 3

Close your Dynamics NAV system and then re-open the software then you have completed the task and can now use Dynamics NAV without the need to upload the licence again!

If you would like to find out more about how to upload new licence files or how to make any other changes from within Dynamics NAV please get in touch with Advantage today.