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How marketing dashboards can benefit your business & how Intelligent Dashboards are a gamechanger

As many of us already know, there are vast quantities of data available to marketers which should enable them to organise campaigns better, easily analyse their performance and demonstrate how they are contributing to the overall revenue of the business. The only problem is, being able to measure performance and reporting in businesses largely revolves around manual processes as well as disconnected tools. This is where marketing dashboards can help to provide some game changing benefits to businesses that make use of them on a regular basis. 

Here are five of the top benefits of using Marketing Dashboards: 

Viewing the wider picture 

One of the biggest benefits of using marketing dashboards is the fact that it makes it easier for marketers to view their marketing strategy by removing siloed systems in processes and comms which enables them to highlight changes in behaviour as well as trends. By using these tools you can combine datasets to enable you to have a clearer picture of patterns and opportunities that can help you drive business growth. 

Make better decisions 

Another key benefit is the fact that when all your marketing data is in one place and available to all stakeholders it makes the decision-making process much smoother. By having marketing dashboards in place for all marketing channels can make it easier to make decisions based on accurate data which will take less time to make as a result. 

Increased visibility over your business 

Keeping track of both sales and marketing activities can prove troublesome. It is usually down to the fact that most of the information is hidden which can result in bad decisions being taken. Therefore, having a marketing dashboard in place will enable a business to view ongoing activities in real-time, improve accountability as well as making it much simpler to see which activities are helping to deliver results for the business. 

Showcase the ROI of marketing activities 

Through the use of marketing dashboards, it is easier for businesses to demonstrate ROI on their marketing activities. Dashboards bring together vast quantities of data, improve it and showcase it visually. Furthermore, this form of data representation allows marketers to understand what marketing is working and what channels are best for it in addition to showcasing the channels that are least effective and should be removed in favour of those that generate additional revenue for the business. 

Increase the collaboration across your business 

Created for marketers to use, marketing dashboards provide marketing teams with a single channel of communication which allows the whole team to see how things are going at the same time. By making use of collaboration tools through a marketing dashboard solution, marketing teams can deliver better results by discussing data points through in-app comments and conversations. 

Now that we know what benefits can be achieved by using Marketing Dashboards, we are now going to take you through what ClickDimensions’s Intelligent Dashboards are. 

Essentially it is a robust marketing dashboards solution that has a number of connectors to common marketing data sources, tools for extracting and collating data from multiple marketing channels, visuals to showcase information & collaboration tools that enables marketing teams to work closer together to achieve targets and goals. 

Now that we know what ClickDimensions’s Intelligent Dashboards are, we are now going to take through you some of the core advantages that it can provide your business. 

Ready to go at a moment’s notice 

You will find that ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards immediately connect to six common data sources which will provide one unified view of both marketing and sales data. This means that you don’t have to integrate data or to use up any vital IT resources. These dashboards are ready to use in just 24 hours. 

Better visibility and track only what you need 

Though Intelligent Dashboards, you don’t need to waste time on thinking about how you are going to present the data. You will be given 13 instant-on dashboards that will help you to present performance across all your core channels. Furthermore, the 172 pre-defined KPIs will allow you to show how you are performing across all your marketing and sales activities without having to guess at it. 

Keep track of your business goals 

Through the use of integrated goal tracking in Intelligent Dashboards you can easily keep track of your business goals. Furthermore, the solution enables you to state what your business goals are as well as the capability to measure your performance against your objectives. Better still, the AI powered recommendations will reveal exactly what needs to improve to allow you to deliver the results your business requires. 

Updated in real time 

You will find that ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards have automatic updates. Furthermore, as a fully managed offering, all your data connections and data are always up to date. Better still, if you are using Google or Microsoft who regularly update their APIs, you will find that the connections to those sources are automatically updated. 

Increased collaboration enabling your business to achieve more 

Get better results and improve visibility into data by making use of the collaboration tools that are used in Intelligent Dashboards. Furthermore, it is very easy for you to share your results with your team as well as other stakeholders in the business and to give justifications for key events which means that you can improve your data analysis & performance. 

Specifically built for marketing 

The Intelligent Dashboards solution is specifically built to meet the reporting and data needs of marketers. As well as this, by having it within marketing means that your business won’t need to spend time or money on using IT resources to maintain it. Furthermore, it will also help you to bring down the costs associated with using more traditional business intelligence tools dramatically. 

Next Steps? 

If your business is considering making use of better reporting solutions to improve your overall reporting through ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards then please give us a call today to discuss your reporting options with us. 

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