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How can low code app development help your business to react quickly

If you didn’t already know, low-code app development is a much more intuitive way of creating both web and mobile apps. Essentially replacing the need to write endless pages of code manually, the new low-code development approach reduces time dramatically as the user can create one by making use of prebuilt templates that make use of the drag and drop options. 

So, what does this mean for businesses? Essentially it means that people that don’t have any practical programming experience can build their own apps and at the same time make it easier for more experienced developers to ramp up their knowledge of the app development basics. As well as being easier to create, the use of low-code app development can also provide a whole host of other benefits such as increasing productivity, reducing app build time and helping to boost innovation. 

It is important to note that the use of low-code app development hasn’t been designed to replace the more advanced ways of building apps. It is essentially making it easier for novice developers to build apps and providing experienced developers with a simpler way to build up their app development knowledge. Furthermore, it helps to free up highly talented workers to focus their work on delivering more strategic value for the business. 

No matter whether you are creating apps through pre-built templates or building more customised ones, low-code development enables you to build apps in a matter of hours not weeks. This is handy if your business has to react quickly to a crisis which makes it even more important to have the capability to create apps that help to solve time critical problems & provide senior management with valuable insights into fast-changing situations so they can make the right decision quickly. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that low-code techniques are changing the face of the app development landscape, bringing a faster and more agile approach to previously long and time-consuming app development. When situations become troublesome, low-code development is in the best possible position to help businesses in a number of specific ways. 

Get things moving quickly 

If your business is ever in a situation where it needs to react quickly, you may need to deploy solutions fast. To give you an example of this, if you are a business operating in the financial services sector and there is a need to pivot to be able to meet new financial regulations. Your employees need to be able to track the new changes and match them with actions that have been taken to ensure compliance as well as communicating with all employees. Some of the processes may not have been in place previously but need to be actioned quickly to ensure the new financial regulations are met by the business. 

This is where the low-code approach can help as it can speed up app development and the testing cycles so that you are able to focus the extra time on developing customisations, extensions and deploying solutions for individual scenarios. 

Through the use of Microsoft Power Apps, it is simple to connect your apps to different platforms as it offers over 350 built-in connectors that can be used for your existing on-premise solutions. 

Give your employees the power to build new apps 

If you go back a few years, it goes without saying but a non-technical person wouldn’t even think twice about building a website. However, fast forward to the present day, it is much easier for people to use the drag-and-drop website-building platforms with less skills needed. The same can be said for low-code application platforms which can bring the same advantages of being able to build software, thus enabling all your employees to have the capability to create apps and workflows that can help solve the most complex of business problems. 

Through the use of Power Apps, novice developers will be able to solve simplistic business process problems without any help which frees up more experienced developers to concentrate their efforts on custom solutions which need a more advanced set of skills. 

You don’t need any coding experience 

It is safe to say that employees who work in day-to-day knowledge-specific or specialised roles are often the first people to identify a poor process or find a simpler way of resolving a problem. With this, insights can often be lost if the coding environment is complicated which essentially excludes non-techies! The use of low-code tools enables those employees closest to certain challenges with the resources to be able to construct their own solutions. Furthermore, through this, your business is easily able to increase collaboration whilst at the same time allowing IT to have complete oversight over the data and management. 

App innovation can make for better decision making 

It isn’t surprising that the best decisions are made when the person in charge has all the information at their fingertips. When it comes to a time critical situation, it can often be difficult to provide senior management with enough information to allow them to come to an informed decision. This is largely due to the fact that disruptions can make it harder for data to be extracted.  

With low-code app development, an app can easily be created to resolve the time critical problem. This will enable them to capture all the data points that are needed to help them come to a more informed decision. 

Next Steps? 

To help make sure that your business is able to navigate through a crisis leadership, you will need to have access to all the information that is driving it. Through the use of Power Apps, its fully managed data platform helps to dramatically reduce the time required to construct new apps whilst at the same time making it easier to access data quickly. For more information around Power Apps, please get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss how we can help your business. 

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