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Microsoft has now officially released Power Apps for Windows

Although this was already announced earlier in the year, Power Apps for Windows enables users to use Model-Driven and Canvas Apps via Windows computers as well as allowing them to access them offline too. 

Granted, it has been an option to run Power Apps on a Windows computer for a long time, however the functionality hasn’t always been ahead of competitors such as the Android and iOS versions. You will find that offline access wasn’t around and device functionality such as the ability to take photos wasn’t present. This is partly why Microsoft decided in April of this year to solve this problem by rolling out a preview for Power Apps for Windows which is now widely available for users to take advantage of. 

So, what new & improved functionality do Power Apps for Windows have? 

In addition to having the capability to run both Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps, this latest launch offers the following capabilities: 

  • Offline access – As mentioned above, both apps can now be used offline. For Canvas Apps, this can be achieved through the use of the SaveData/LoadData functionality with the Model-Driven Apps using defining where tables can be used without the internet. 
  • AI Builder – Having the ability to make use of pre-defined AI models to automate and predict outcomes in your app which will help to improve the overall efficiency of your users. 
  • Device-driven capabilities – It is a given that mobile users are already used to being able use cameras and microphones on their mobile devices to make it easier to capture data. This now includes Windows users who now are able to scan barcodes as well as upload media files. 
  • Third party access – Easily give third parties that your business works with access to your app. 
  • Aligned management – Given that Power Apps for Windows are now a Universal Windows App, its implementation and update can now easily be monitored by your in-house IT team, thus allowing the right people to access the app as well as making sure that they are using the latest version. 

So, how can I get Power Apps for Windows? 

The answer to this is simple, you can go directly to the Windows Store. It is worth noting that although the installation process is straight forward you may need extra guidance on how to build it. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to take advantage of the power of Power Apps for Windows from the powerful Microsoft Power Platform then please give our team of Power Apps experts a call today

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