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7 game changing benefits of using Microsoft PowerApps in your business

Many of us may have already heard of PowerApps before but are perhaps a little cautious in looking to make use of them within businesses to improve business processes. To put your mind at ease, we’ve put together 7 game changing benefits of using Microsoft PowerApps in your business. 

1) Resolve Key Business Challenges 

When your business can’t find a suitable solution, Power Apps can give you a bespoke solution to help you resolve even the most complicated business problems; to give you a few examples in practice: 

  • Lead capture for field sales: Enable your sales team in the field to record leads through an app on the go rather than manually doing it when they get back to the office. Better still, features such as business card scanner can help to ensure that information is gathered quickly and efficiently. 
  • Record employee expenses: Through the use of a specific employee expenses app you can make it easier for your workforce to record expenses and attach relevant photos of receipts for simple tracking. 

2) Power Apps can be created by anyone 

Power Apps aren’t solely for use by developers, they can also be used by other employees. Therefore, it would allow almost any employee to create their very own PowerApp.  

It is worth taking into account those users will need basic technical knowledge and experience in using certain tools. However, it will almost certainly reduce the workload for certain teams and reduce potentially expensive design costs. If you are looking for something a little more complicated, you can always bring in our team of Microsoft PowerApps experts

3) Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) 

Bringing in data via the app is good in all, however where will the data go? Thanks to Power Apps integration with Office 365, Power Automate and Power BI, it is very simple to bring data in and out of Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Excel or through any other 365 apps that your business uses. 

4) Mobile Ready from the start 

The fantastic thing about PowerApps is the fact that you can also build phone apps in the same place. Microsoft PowerApps makes use of interfaces and connectors as this provides a more stable environment for mobile app developments which allows the same data access for desktop versions.  

Furthermore, it is very easy to access PowerApps & other Dynamics applications such as Dynamics 365/CRM or Business Central from desktop, tablets as well as through iOS and Android mobile phones. 

5) Cost Effective 

As many of us already know building apps through the regular channels can prove expensive when compared to Power Apps. Furthermore, the licensing costs are dramatically lower and can be achieved for as little as £7.50 per app/per month and due to the limited coding required, development time can be dramatically reduced. 

6) Higher Productivity 

By being able to build apps to cover your business requirements and automating manual processes it goes without saying but more productivity is achieved. Employees are able to save time on manual tasks and dedicate this spare time on other tasks that can help deliver better value for the business. 

7) Improved Security 

If you didn’t already know, Power Apps make use of the Common Data Service (CDS) which utilises a role-based security model. When applied to users, this allows security roles to be established through a certain set of permissions, making sure that employees only access the data that their specific job role requires. 

If you haven’t started using Power Apps as of yet and are worried about user access and restricting certain information within an app, you don’t need to worry. Microsoft has implemented functionality to ensure that the apps are secure, and privileges can be granted where required. 

Next Steps? 

If your business has read the above benefits and are keen to use Microsoft PowerApps or are looking for specific Power Apps consulting or want to discuss your specific requirements with one of our team then please get in touch with us today.  

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