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Cloud Myths: Busted

Many people have interesting perceptions of what the cloud can actually do. And a lot of this is down to hype, misleading information and most importantly a lack of knowledge. This deficit of knowledge can lead to unrealistic expectations of what the cloud can and can’t achieve.

Fortunately, we’re on hand to dispel some of the myths surrounding cloud and its associated technologies: (You’ll thank us later!)

Myth #1: Cloud is less secure than on premise solutions

This one is a biggie. And it’s completely untrue! There’s no empirical evidence of any kind to support this hypothesis. Actually if anything, your data is more secure in the cloud!

Why? Cloud companies like Microsoft take measures to ensure their data is as secure as possible. They employ the latest security techniques to secure your data. So much so, that Microsoft Azure is one of the few cloud providers to achieve the prestigious ISO 27001 standard.

ISO 27001 is a set of standards that govern what steps a cloud company should take in order to provide secure cloud services. Microsoft has achieved the standard for Microsoft Azure by employing all of the required measures.

Myth #2: I have to move everything to the cloud. I can’t have a bit of both

Wrong again! Moving your entire business into the cloud over a weekend is probably a bad idea. Typically, when you’re thinking of moving your business over to the cloud, we’d start you off with a Hybrid approach. We’d start with an ERP system, or perhaps move your email to the cloud and start building your cloud system from there.

If you didn’t want to completely move over to the cloud – that’s fine too! You can stick with the Hybrid approach if you’re unhappy with having certain parts of your business cloud based.

Myth #3: Cloud is better than an on premise solution

False! The cloud is a fantastic technological innovation that can bestow agility, flexibility and reduce financial burden for some businesses. But it is by no means any better than an on premise solution. In some businesses, an on premise solution might actually be a better fit. For example, some businesses may be obligated to use an on premise solution, to adhere with regional and governmental data protection legislation. Some businesses may need access to their data on site.

But this doesn’t make on premise any better, or cloud any better – they’re just simply different.

Myth #4: Storing data in the cloud makes it easy for corporate spies and governments to access my data

Privacy is a massive concern for businesses across the world. And in our experience, it’s a huge barrier to some people adopting the cloud. Thankfully this anxiety is completely unfounded.

Cloud providers like Microsoft employ strict processes to protect the privacy of your data:

  • Your data goes with you – If you stop using Azure or any other cloud related service, your data goes with you and isn’t left to languish on a server somewhere
  • No data mining – The only purpose for Microsoft to store your data is to provide the cloud service you are paying for
  • Privacy settings and controls – You choose who can have access to specific data within your organisation. You pick what they can access and what they cannot access
  • Not even Microsoft can access your data – Microsoft do not have access to your data. Any maintenance on your systems are supervised by you and your organisation. If access to your data is required, you have to approve it.

Myth #5: Cloud is cheaper than on premise

This one is generally true.

In the vast majority of cases, the cloud is an inexpensive way to give your business the functionality of an enterprise class organisation. You’ll be able to upgrade and downgrade depending on the requirements of your business, without really incurring any of the costs an on premise would. So that means no expensive hardware, software or training your staff for costly accreditations and qualifications – your cloud provider handles all of that.

Those clever folks at CloudScale ran their annual Cloud Survey again this year. Of the businesses surveyed, about 95% of them are using the cloud in some sort of format.

Cloud is a really useful resource to be taken advantage of. You just need to make sure that you’re not listening to the hype and ground your expectations of what cloud can and can’t do.

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