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Why should your business replace QuickBooks with a Cloud ERP solution?

With the constantly changing environment in which small businesses operate within, it can be often quite a difficult decision to consider replacing QuickBooks with an alternative ERP solution.

With QuickBooks you will find that it often slows down when the number of transactions increases and it can be quite tricky to run reports. As well as this, given that QuickBooks isn’t a fully comprehensive solution, most small businesses have to use extra software applications, which don’t fully integrate, as well as a number of spreadsheets which makes it extremely difficult to get an accurate picture of real time data.

However, is QuickBooks really that bad?
Your business has got this far and everyone already knows the system inside out. Also, you already own QuickBooks and making the transition to a real ERP system can be quite expensive, can’t it?

If you are reading any of the above and it is sounding familiar, then you need to ask yourself the most important question: is QuickBooks holding my business back?

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

In a recent survey by TomTom Telematics to identify what could be holding small businesses back, it found that around a third of UK businesses were slow to adopt new technology and select the right technology.

The biggest issue that this flags up is the fact that your choice of the right technology for your business might be completely different for another business. However, as mentioned above, if we are all using QuickBooks then we will end up using numerous stand-alone software applications and numerous spreadsheets to do all the extra things that make our business unique, these are things that QuickBooks doesn’t do.

This is ok if your business is relatively new, but as your business grows and more and more transactions are processed, it will become more and more of a headache to process greater volumes of data. This is because business information will be stored in separate systems and databases, a previously simple process could result in your business getting stuck between a rock and a hard place and could hold you back.

Avoid becoming your own worst enemy

Here at Advantage, we try to help small businesses to avoid using stand-alone applications that lead to information silos and ultimately, a fragmented business structure. Instead, we work with businesses to help them avoid being stuck between a rock and a hard place, move from QuickBooks and grow their businesses through the use of all-in-one ERP systems.

ERP systems are designed specifically to allow you to both combine and automate key business functions. This makes it easier for businesses to channel resource allocation right through to business development rather than through repetitive admin tasks.

Your Recommended Solution: Business Central

As an all-in-one cloud-based ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers your business a powerful accounting and operations management powerhouse. It seamlessly integrates with your existing tools such as Word, Outlook to provide you with a truly remarkable and slick end user experience.

In addition to this, Business Central provides your business with a number of game changing benefits that are helping to change the face of the ERP product landscape including:

AppSource – This is Microsoft’s central app marketplace. You can simply search for any app that your company requires which helps Business Central adapt to your business requirements.

PowerApps – If you can’t find what you need in AppSource, you can use PowerApps to build it. The simplistic drag and drop interface and the ease at which you can connect to disparate systems, makes it easier to build additional functionality that allows to you streamline processes much faster.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Built-in predictive analytics, Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Microsoft Azure integration can assist Dynamics 365 in delivering access to real-time insights and actionable next steps.

Access anytime and anywhere – You can access this solution securely across multiple platforms, via a browser or on any device or even as an App within Outlook.

Although the above benefits are extensive, many small businesses are still reluctant to move to a Cloud ERP solution. In the majority of cases, the reluctance to move revolves around the costs of doing so – from licensing to implementation to upgrades, just how expense can it be to replace QuickBooks?


When compared against other major Cloud ERP systems, Business Central is a competitively priced solution. With Microsoft being a late guest to the cloud ERP market, it has allowed them to price Business Central extremely attractively to be able to outpace the competitors and gain market share. Given how Microsoft continues to dominate the desktop market through Windows and Office 365, it is important to not undervalue Business Central as it’s a full scale ERP solution at a fraction of the cost.


As implementation costs go, it is largely dependent on the complexities of your business and data migration. However, it is important to note that Business Central is designed to scale as you grow. Therefore, you can deploy the right amount of functionality to get you up and running then worry about adding to it later. This can be achieved through our Quick Start Business Central package. Furthermore, a phased approach of implementation can help as you can reduce your implementation costs to something affordable with very little planning.

To make this transition from QuickBooks much easier, Microsoft has produced a number of migration tools to make the process even easier for your business.


One of the major barriers with legacy ERP solutions was the need to upgrade to the latest version every few years. This became even more complicated if your environment had heavy customisation that could make an upgrade significantly more expensive. Also, you are required to pay into a Software Assurance plan each year just to be able to access the latest version of the software.

However, this is different with Business Central as upgrades happening automatically in the background. If any customisation has been made to the system then this is built to upgrade easily with your existing tenant, without the need for any annual Software Assurance payments.

Are you ready to transform the way you work? Are you ready to unlock your siloed systems and streamline your data more effectively? Want to replace your existing QuickBooks solution with a Dynamics 365 Business Central solution? Then why not contact our team of Dynamic 365 Business Central experts today to discuss your business requirements.

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