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What's coming in NAV 2017

Exciting news for NAV users – hot off the press from Microsoft comes a sneak preview of NAV 2017. And it shows just a few of the incredible new features of Dynamics NAV 2017. Much more will be revealed after Directions EMEA in mid-October, and the usual release date of the next version of NAV which will be toward the end of October 2016. Check back to this blog for more updates after Directions, or contact us directly for more information, or to discuss any questions you have about NAV or your ERP requirements.

So far, in information released by Microsoft, we see there is increased efficiency in the incoming documents functionality, and in answer to the request of many NAV customers, inventory items can be categorised and segregated using the new “Item Attributes” functionality. You can even track the packages!

There will be many more features with the released version, we’re sure of it. But for now here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in Dynamics NAV 2017:

  • Increased efficiency in Incoming documents and Lexmark OCR Integration.
  • Inventory Items can now be categorized using the new Item Attributes functionality.
  • Posted Credit Memos can now be cancelled.
  • Greater tracking functionality allows for easier package tracking.
  • Account Categories are available in the Chart of Accounts.
  • Web Services are now available for multi-tenant deployments, and not just single tenant deployment

The following Functional Areas are also now improved-

1. Easy Payment Reconciliation.
2. Improvements in the Jobs module.
3. Improvements in the Assets module.
4. More US Financial Reports have been provided.

There is also…

Improved Office 365 integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which will provide some of the following:
1. Email Cover Letter Templates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
2. Contact Synchronisation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
3. In Office 365 Experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
4. Simplification through Outlook add-in in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
5. Custom Email Cover Letter Layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

  • Outlook calendar and Outlook mail introduced to Dynamics NAV directly.
  • A much more simplified setup of CRM is now available from within Dynamics NAV.
  • Opportunity management is also made more simple and user friendly.
  • Cortana Intelligence now included in Dynamics NAV 2017.
  • Notifications have also been made better and smarter.
  • Integration with Power BI directly from within Dynamics NAV 2017 providing Power BI reports directly within the Dynamics NAV Role Center.

NAV 2017 is already well under development and if everything goes as planned, it will be launched towards the end of October 2016. We’re very excited about it here at Advantage and if you would like to to speak to someone about upgrading or initial implementation contact us today!