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What new & improved features are coming to Microsoft Teams this year?

In an ever-changing world of technology, there are always updates being implemented on a regular basis. This is no different for Microsoft’s online collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams where they are constantly looking to improve the overall performance of the platform.  

In our latest blog article, we are going to take you the latest features that are coming to Microsoft Teams this year. 

1) Isolated audit feed functionality 

You will find that Microsoft Teams now enables you to produce a clean audio mix via the isolated audio feed option. This is achieved by the hardware out which enables broadcasters to capture isolated audio feed together with the isolated feed gathered from meetings. Furthermore, this feature makes it easier for full control of both feeds to go into their studio. 

2) Mirrored video functionality 

This new and improved functionality will allow you to mirror your video during meetings. Through this piece of functionality, you will be able to view text correctly whilst delivering a presentation as well as your audience. In order to use this feature, you will need to go into your settings and select the ‘Mirror my video’ option.  

3) Mute meeting functionality 

You will find that you can now mute any noise experienced in the background during calls. This will enable you to maintain a good sound volume whilst meetings are being conducted. The way that you can unmute this feature during a meeting is to hit ‘Ctrl+Space’. 

4) Customised web backgrounds 

In Microsoft Teams, you will now be able to pick customised backgrounds from your desktop. Furthermore, you are also able to pick any pre-loaded backgrounds that comes with the software to choose from during a meeting. 

5) Game changing Teams room enhancements 

You will also find that some major enhancements have been added to the meeting room's functionality to improve the overall user experience during those meetings. 

Front row layout 

You will now notice that the front row preview has been added to the Teams Rooms function. This will enhance the use of hybrid meetings whilst at the same time allowing the participants to understand what is going on during the meeting. Better still, any users attending remotely will be seen at eye level where they can raise hands and engage where needed. 

In order to access this option, you will need to switch it on as the default is for it to be switched off by your device admins. 

Multi video cameras 

You will now discover that users in Teams will be able to use multi video cameras during meetings. Anyone involved in the meeting will be able to switch between cameras by selecting from the available list. 

Next Steps? 

As you can see from the above, Microsoft are making regular updates for their premier collaboration platform, if you are looking to get Microsoft Teams implemented in your business or are looking for an experienced IT support provider to help your business then please get in touch with one of our IT experts today

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