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Wave 1 2022 Release – New features for Business Central

Microsoft has recently revealed its plans for the incoming Wave 1 release which will be providing several new enhancements for Business Central with the aim of helping users get into productive usage faster, regardless of whether they are new customers or current Business Central users. 

In our latest blog article, we’ve picked the brains of our resident Business Central experts to highlight some of the best enhancements that will coming to Business Central as part of the Wave 1 release that will released between April 2022 and September 2022. 

Enhancement 1: Check Documents and Journals in Background 

As part of the latest release, Business Central will soon be able to allow you to validate documents and journals whilst you’re still working on them! After the validation has been switched on, the ‘Check’ FactBox will be displayed next to the document or journal lines and will highlight issues within the current document or journal line or the whole journal batch.  Validation will only be completed after you load a document or journal batch, and when you select other documents or journal lines. You will find that the issues total tile in the FactBox will give you the overall number of issues in Business Central as well as providing you with an overview of the issues after you select it. 

Enhancement 2: Outlook add-in – Add attachments from emails directly to Business Central documents 

This new and improved feature as part of the Wave 1 release for Business Central will give you an option to either take one or all of the selected attachments provided by clients through email and add them straight into your Business Central records.  

You will find that within Microsoft Outlook, the add-in will show a list of attachments to the email and enable these to be moved over to Business Central if required. 

Enhancement 3: Ability to allow security administrator to define default permission set assignments when user is signing up 

Through this new feature, Business Central security admins will be able to select which permission sets or user groups are assigned by default to a user after they sign up. Being able to select which permission sets or user groups are relevant for a license or plan will make it much easier for the admin to ensure that the user has the right level of access from the start. 

Enhancement 4: Context-aware links in the Help pane from Microsoft 

You will find that soon, Business Central will be able to serve context-aware links to guides and learning resources to help flatten the learning curve and unblock the individual user in performing business processes. The context-aware content will be delivered to you via the new Help pane, similar to which is already offered across many other Microsoft products. Through this avenue, the Help pane will become the best place to go where you can get unblocked.  

Enhancement 5: Use Excel to design layouts for reports 

You will find that Excel layouts will work in the same way as Word and RDLC layouts in the fact that they are able to be edited and saved back again into Business Central. Through the Excel layouts for Business Central reports, users will now be able to both create and edit report layouts through the use of the full palette of capabilities in Excel such as sliders, charts and much, much more. 

In order to build an Excel layout, simply open the report request page, and then run the report with the option ‘Excel document (data only)’. From this point, the report generates an Excel file with sample data and the fields that are available in the report definition. After this, you can simply add your layout to additional tabs from within the Excel file. Be sure to test the layout by simply importing it as a custom layout in Business Central. Once this new system has been validated it will then be ready for use, you can then go to the request page and run the report with your new layout. 

Next Steps? 

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