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  • Migrating from Dynamics NAV to Business Central

    Upgrade your existing Dynamics NAV solution to a comprehensive business management solution, Business Central that will allow your business to streamline and manage finances as well as your manufacturing, supply chain & operational processes. 

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Why should your business move from NAV to Business Central?

Reason 1: Reduce Costs – Significantly lower infrastructure costs by removing the costs associated with maintaining servers. Better still you can get Business Central licenses from just £6 per user per month. 

Reason 2: Accelerate Remote Working – Make it easier for your employees to work from home and be able to access data from anywhere. Having disaster recovery and advanced security in place puts your mind at rest. 

Reason 3: Take advantage of new functionality – Make use of a whole host of new functionality in Business Central such as AI and cash-flow management.  Streamline and automate manual tasks and produce workflows to allow you to improve your overall efficiency. 

Why not make the move to Business Central today?

How do we move you from NAV to Business Central?

Here at Advantage, we look to make use of the configuring-first option which enables you to understand the benefits you can gain from the ERP and technology that you have chosen and, in most cases, will remove the need for any customisations to take place. No matter whether your data is on-premise, hosted in the Cloud or stored on a legacy database – our team of experts will be able to help you map your data from your old ERP to your new one. We have designed this migration process to be as smooth as possible to get you up and running fast & efficiently. 

We make use of the following steps during the move: 

Step 1: Evaluate your existing NAV solution 

Step 2: Test/Migration 

Step 3: Training and testing 

Step 4: Initiating the migration 

Step 5: Continue to provide ongoing support for your business 

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How does NAV compare with Business Central?

To give you an idea of the benefits you can gain from moving to Business Central from NAV, we’ve done a like for like comparison below: 


Dynamics NAV 

Business Central 



Cloud (no requirement to maintain servers) 



Automatically completed 



Power BI 



Full (All Microsoft Products) 

User Interface 

Largely desktop 

Web-based responsive 

Search Interface 

Simple with a high chance of data duplication 

Advanced with automatic categorisation 

Objects: tables, reports & pages) 

Need to be purchased 

Over 40,000 available for FREE 


Starts from £3,400 with each user costing £400 a month (additional 16% of licensing cost annually) 

Available from just £6 per user per month along with the implementation costs 


Why should your business choose Business Central?

The fantastic thing about Business Central is the fact that it allows your business to use the Cloud which enables you to operate your whole business from just one solution. If your business has outgrown your existing accounting software or are using a legacy ERP system, Business Central is the logical choice as it enables you to get more of an overview of the business, take better decisions & grow your business. 

Here are just a few of the other benefits that Business Central can bring your business: 

Improve productivity & increase collaboration 

Business Central seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) which allows you to improve productivity & increase collaboration. 


Business Central is a low code tailored solution that is fully scalable as your business grows. You can keep costs down by reducing the number of licenses you have as you go where required. 

Improve decision making 

Through the use of AI you can gain valuable insights into your data such as potential opportunities or trends enabling you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Dynamics NAV to Business Central Migration Package

Are you on an outdated version of Microsoft NAV or have a cloud strategy for all your business applications but don’t know where to start? This is why you should consider upgrading to Business Central. 

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