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What updates will be heading to Business Central from the Wave 1 release for April 2021?

Microsoft has recently announced its plans for the incoming Wave 1 release which will be providing several new features to Dynamics 365 Business Central as well as some requested areas for improvement such as banking, payments, continued improvements to performance, usability & printing as well as improved integration with Microsoft 365 apps and the Microsoft Power Platform. 

In this blog article, we’ve got one of our in-house Business Central experts to take us through some of the best new features that will be released for Business Central as part of the Wave 1 release that will be rolled out between April 2021 and September 2021. 


Automatic creation of lot and serial number information cards 

You will find that most industries need to be able to track lot as well as serial numbers, but they do also need more information about them. To support this, Business Central’s latest feature gives you the Lot No. Information and SN Information pages where you will be able to add notes which contain information about the lot and the ability to block the use of numbers if required. Furthermore, you will find that these pages are often extended for specific industries.  Better still, you will be able to draft these pages and add details directly at the same that you create item tracking lines.  

Improvements in Bank Reconciliation 

As we all know, bank reconciliation is a fundamental part of accounting in almost all businesses as it helps to guarantee that everything is registered, and cash positions are accurate. You will find that the features for this element have been improved dramatically in Business Central so it will provide better visibility on how the automatic application rules have been applied. Furthermore, the bank reconciliation report, which is often referred to as the test report for bank reconciliation is now available for posted bank reconciliations.  

Dimensions Corrections (General Ledger entries) 

You will find that you are now able to correct dimensions for general ledger entries to guarantee that your financial reporting will provide you with much more accurate insights without the need to consider temporary data entry mistakes. If you have one or more General Ledger entries, you can adjust the dimension values, add dimensions or simply remove them. 

Better control over settings for Default Dimensions 

Being able to deliver accurate dimensions value attributes on both operational and financial transactions will help to ensure great insights from business data contained in Business Central. You will find with this new & improved feature; your controllers and finance and accounting users will have more control over prerequisites for recording any transaction that must include dimension value attributes that will be used further down the line to provide business analysis and reporting. 

Improvements in payment reconciliation journals 

Users will be able to become more productive in using the payment reconciliation journal largely in part down to the improvements that make it possible to be able to use posting preview on the journal and make use of different document numbers on different lines. 

Simpler bank statement file import 

For most businesses, it is crucial to make sure that your ledger is regularly updated to align with your business bank account. In the latest Business Central update, the bank statement import feature has been simplified to allow users to take a regular flat file and map the file’s columns to fields in Business Central. 

Better with Microsoft 365 

Use Microsoft Teams to lookup Business Central contacts 

It goes without saying but Business Central provides a well-rounded business contact management system that is a vital lifeline for users in sales, operations and across other business functions. Within these primary roles, users will usually need to make calls with their vendors, customers and other contacts in Microsoft Teams. By being able to access business contacts quickly from Microsoft Teams will mean that you don’t need to go between the two applications for a simple lookup but instead can view the details from within Microsoft Teams. 

Ability to use Word merge in Business Central 

You will find that you are now able to use the mail merge functionality in Word to make use of data taken from Business Central to be able to add some personality to bulk communications. 

Use Microsoft Universal Print to support cloud printing 

Universal Print is a Microsoft 365 service that makes it easier to manage printing through a simple and streamlined experience. With the Business Central solution supporting cloud printing via Universal Printer, you now can send documents or reports to any printer that you define within your Universal Print Management page. 

Microsoft Power Platform 

Seamlessly synchronise item availability from Business Central to Dynamics 365 Sales 

At the point in which you engage with customers in Dynamics 365 Sales and process sales orders for fulfilment in Business Central, the accuracy of the inventory on products for the sales orders is crucial for salespeople to be able to identify and state when the sales order will be processed. 

Modern Clients 

Ability to run reports in the background 

This new improvement means that users don’t need to wait for reports to finish. They can now get on with the task in hand and review the reports as and when they have the time. 

Improvements in the overall client performance 

Based on the marked success of the FactBox performance enhancements in earlier versions, Microsoft have now added similar optimisations to Role Centre home pages. 

This means that parts will now load one by one, beginning at the top and only if they are shown on the screen. The other parts are loaded only when you scroll to them which means that you can save valuable time in loading the Role Centre and making it much easier to engage with Role Centre content faster. 

Allow cloud printing on mobile app and from within the Teams app 

The process of printing to cloud-enabled printers shouldn’t be interrupted by the type of device you are using or by the overall user experience. With the modern workplace seamlessly connecting to Business Central via multiple mobile devices, it was crucial to provide the technology to send document and report printouts to cloud-enabled printers that are supported through Business Central. 

Ability for users to change the assigned printer before printing a report 

After being able to set the report destinations through the Printer Selection page, users are now able to change the assigned printer before printing a report. However, it is important to note that this only applies to the cloud-enabled printers available in Business Central. 

Next Steps? 

If you have read the above Business Central Wave 1 updates and want to upgrade your Business Central versionlooking to migrate to Business Central from Microsoft AX, Sage 50, QuickBooks or Xero through our Quick Start Business Central package or wanting to move your Business Central support to Advantage then please give our Business Central Experts a call today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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