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Talking about the future of Dynamics GP

It’s the talk of the town. It’s been mentioned many, many times in meetings with clients, on social media and its even infiltrated Google searches. The question that everybody keeps asking: Does Dynamics 365 mean the end for Dynamics GP?

Based on the noises coming out of Microsoft and our own intuition, it’s damn clear GP is around to stay for a while yet!

Give me a quick overview of Dynamics 365

Alright. We’ve done a piece on Dynamics 365 and we reckon you should check it out before you go any further. It’s Microsoft’s latest foray into the CRM/ERP market, that’s poised to directly take on Salesforce as a cloud only offering. It’s a truly exciting product.

It’s based on a deep integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365.

The differences between Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP

And there are a few:

  • ERP & CRM together – Dynamics 365 is an expert of everything, but a master of none. It’s a hybrid ERP and CRM solution. But what we can glean from pre-release notes, it doesn’t have the depth of functionality a thoroughbred ERP like Dynamics GP does.
  • On premise vs cloud – Dynamics 365 is a cloud only offering, designed to go after Salesforce and their cloud only solutions. GP is primarily an on premise solution, but has the capability to be used in the cloud too.
  • Missing functionality – Touching on the first point, Dynamics 365 is also limited on the inventory and financial side of things according to what we’ve been able to glean so far.

Why is this significant?

GP industry experts have expressed alarm that AX/NAV and CRM are taking precedence in the new Dynamics 365 product. They feel that GP will get left behind as there’s a significant focus on both NAV and CRM. They feel that there won’t be a place for Dynamics GP in the future.

What’s Microsoft’s stance?

Very positive actually. Just the other week, Director of Product Marketing and all round Dynamics GP guru Errol Schoenfish addressed a crowd of passionate GP delegates at a conference in Fargo. He presented the latest version of the Microsoft Roadmap for the Dynamics family of products which I’ve enclosed in this blog. You can see clearly that, leading into 2019 GP has 4 major releases scheduled. Of course, Errol was very coy about details. (Not to tip off competitors)

Another influential figure in GP circles, Pam Misialek told the assembled audience at Fargo that Microsoft will “…keep developing Dynamics GP as long as partners keep selling it”

What we think

It’s all positive for Dynamics GP users and prospective parties. Some organisations already have a CRM system in place, so the CRM portion of Dynamics 365 wouldn’t be required. GP integrates well with existing systems too. Not only will it integrate with Dynamics CRM, it’ll also integrate with SalesForce too.

Most importantly though, GP remains to be an on-premise solution. This is hugely beneficial to some organisations as the cloud just doesn’t work for them. Some companies that operate in the public sector have issues with keeping data in the cloud. This isn’t a question of whether the cloud is safe or not, merely compliance to existing regulations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP remains a fantastic product. It’s been around since 1993 – which in the technology world is the equivalent to a lifetime! It’s been well supported and most importantly it works really, really well. It’ll continue to work well for the foreseeable future and is a shrewd investment for growing businesses.

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