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Month & Year-End Process in Dynamics NAV/Business Central

We know that this is an unprecedented year for businesses across the globe, and it may be that your team is furloughed, off sick, or your normal accountancy firm is not working to its normal time frame, so we want to help you prepare for a smooth month and/or year-end close. 

As part of a finance team you bear an extra responsibility and a vitally important role in keeping your business moving during this difficult period. And in the absence of a colleague sat next to you, we want to be your helping hand and guide you through any issues that you may have. 

This period has bought home to many companies the need to have proper documentation in place, when everyone is in the office you can each do your own area and remind others to do the same. But if you are last man or woman standing, with your colleagues furloughed or sick, then it can be a challenging time That bit of information given to you verbally by the previous Finance Assistant may not account for any unexpected contingencies and could leave you flailing for answers. 

This is where our help could prove vital. During our online workshop which will be taking place on May 13th at 10am, we will give you a step by step guide and after the event we will also give you documentation that you can use and develop for your own company's needs.  A document will help to organise and ensure that the month end works the same way every month. 

Whatever your level of involvement in the process our interactive half-day workshops will make sure you are fully prepared for all eventualitiesWe will guide you through the actions you need to take and also look at what happens when things go wrong, such as your accounts not fully reconciling. 

The agenda will answer the following key questions to make sure your financial transactions are ready for month/year-end: 

  • What is the process? 
  • What preparation do you need?  
  • What are the set-up requirements? 

We will then help you to: 

  • Prepare and review your Database  
  • Review you Reconciliation processes 
  • Guide you through your Revaluation processes 
  • Prepare reports for Management  
  • Look at handling fixed assets, accruals, intercompany and consolidation scenarios 

By attending one of our workshops you will save time and money by: 

  • Improving your Period-End processes 
  • Perfecting balancing your G/Receivables and Payables  
  • Completing the pre-close tasks 
  • Ensuring your business can flourish in these difficult times 
  • Getting it right first time, every time! 

If you would like to register for the above Month & Year-End workshop on May 13th, you can do so here.