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4 of the best features of Dynamics 365 Business Central

If you are a small to medium sized business looking for the perfect ERP solution that also incorporates CRM applications that give you greater synchronization between core business functions (sales, marketing, stock management, customer service) then certainly Dynamics 365 Business Central is the best option for you.  

To help you build an understanding of the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central, in this blog article we are going to take you through 4 of the best features of Business Central applied in a business scenario. 

Build automation into your supply chains 

This is a fantastic part of Business Central geared towards helping businesses with their stock management. This feature makes use of AI to allow you to monitor your stock levels and optimise your inventory levels. Furthermore, with the use of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management it helps to limit the chances of you running out of stock or overfilling your warehouses because the advanced AI makes it easier to control stock levels. 

On top of this, Dynamics 365 is able to calculate stock levels and gives users an optimum time of when to re-order based on lead times and customer demand at any point of the year. This gives a business the bandwidth to be able to manage their warehouses effectively enough to ensure that they have enough stock to cover sales and other offers. 

Give more relevance to your searches 

Another great capability in Business Central is where you can carry out a more comprehensive search which gives you quicker results dictated by keywords and ordered in terms of relevance. 

The search function within Dynamics 365 can give users better results as it can tap into recurrences around individual keywords included in documents, as well as being able to search through numerous keywords and their proximity to each other in a document. Despite the fact that we’ve been using search engines for years, the technology has never been able to be integrated with the older versions of Dynamics. This has now changed with Dynamics 365 using Azure Search Technology as a default to ensure that the search capabilities are up to the standard required of a modern search engine. 

Editable Grids 

Very much a missing part in the previous versions of Dynamics, but finally Microsoft has made this a welcome addition in Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

In the past, if a user wanted to make changes to the account or contact name & phone number in the account then this would involve a whole host of different selections. Firstly, they would need to find the account, select the account, go to account editing, make the changes and then save it.  

The problem is that nowadays the contacts in a business change more regularly so with this Microsoft has taken the steps necessary to simplify the process. To be able to perform the same function all that is required now is to go into Dynamics 365 Business Central and select ‘Active Accounts’ to see all the contacts within a grid. Furthermore, you are then able to highlight by selecting it, removing the text and inputting your new data. 

Insights into your customers 

The great thing about Dynamics 365 Business Central is the fact that it seamlessly integrates with Outlook allowing you to take advantage of your customer relationship management. This is relevant to either your existing or potential new clients and is a crucial step in being able to maximise the sales in your business. 

Therefore, if one of your existing customers emails requesting a new quote for consultancy or support, then all the user has to do is click on the ‘Contact Insights’ function which will show all the previous interactions with that customer including any previous quotes, how long the customer has been with the business and much more. 

If you get an email from a new potential customer who wants a quote then hit the ‘Contact Insights’ function which allows the user to add them as a new contact allowing anyone to follow the progress of the relationship going forwards. 

By using this ‘Contact Insights’ feature will allow users to understand the interactions that happen between them and their customers, as well as learning about the way they work and much more. 

Next Steps 

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